Blog 7 – The merge of LSFM Gaming and CieloRelampago

So I haven’t written a blog post in a long, long time. However, I wanted to post to at least address some changes that are happening with LightningSFM Gaming. I am merging it with a side project I’ve been working on under a different name; CieloRelampago. (That’s LightningSky for anyone who wanted to know, or didn’t…whichever lol)

These changes are exciting to me. When I started CieloRelampago, it wasn’t meant to be what it has become. I literally started it to have a screen name on Wattpad that no one would know. I could share my cringy ass fanfics there without anyone knowing it was me. However, I started a throwaway Instagram account around the same time to use filters on Sims 4 pictures. Those close to me know how much of a Sims 4 nerd I am. This is most likely NOT surprising to anyone lol. But, starting that account and posting Sims content introduced me to the “Simstagram” community, and I made friends very quickly. I also saw that some people on there were taking their Wattpad stories and creating screenshot edits of The Sims 4 to make visual novel versions of their stories. I found so much inspiration in them that I decided to start doing the same. I’m so glad I did for a few reasons.

1) The friends I’ve made, as I mentioned. The community is awesome. This is the most I’ve used Instagram my whole life lol.

2) How much I’ve learned. Before I was LightningSFM in the music sense, I was LightningSFM on DeviantArt as a Source Filmmaker poster maker. That’s where the SFM comes from haha. I stopped using SFM because honestly, the stuff I made was kind of cringy. I took everything off of my DeviantArt page, YouTube channel and moved on in the music direction. Well, in creating these stories, there’s only so much the Sims can do in the game. Sure, plenty of people create poses available for download online, but there were specific things I needed for my own story that I just couldn’t find online. So, I learned how to make poses. It was really easy to get the hang of since I had done it for years, just in a different program. Now I’m making them in Blender instead of SFM. But it’s the same general idea. Aside from the poses, I’ve learned how to draw in magic effects and essentially create my own “filters” for my edits. I’ve been keeping a steadier hand, and while I do NOT know how to draw in a technical sense, I’ve learned a lot about art and editing. The featured image in this blog is something I made. It’s the current cover of my visual novel version of Pure Magic; my first of 3 books on Wattpad. Which brings me to writing. As more people enjoyed what I did, I found myself doing more of it. Not only am I making poses and other CC for The Sims 4, creating art and edits, but my writing has improved for those who enjoy reading the written versions of my stories. I’ve been writing since I was young, but not nearly as much as I have been in the last few months lol.

3) What I’ve done since. As I mentioned, I create my own poses. Well, I started taking a few of my favorite story poses and putting them into “pose packs”. At the same time, I had people request poses of me and created packs with them, which I’ve started to release online for download. Right now I only have one available for download, which is on my CieloRelampago Patreon page (but doesn’t need to be paid for. It’s a free pack.) but I’m working on a larger one which will be available soon. Also, for the purpose of my story, I’ve had to learn how to make other CC, like re-coloring certain outfits, like Jade’s in the featured image. It wasn’t that dark originally haha. So, I’ve been keeping very busy working on everything.

Except music….  Sadly, the inspiration for music has been dwindling. I do TRY to work on it, but I can’t make anything good without inspiration to do so. I haven’t finished a track in a month now. I just can’t. BUT, that’s not the purpose of this post.

So, back on track here; the merge between CieloRelampago and LightningSFM Gaming is happening because 1) I plan to use that YouTube channel to showcase pose packs. 2) My gameplay content is Sims 4 stuff anyway. 3) I’m merging the two Facebook pages. Made sense to also merge YouTube. CieloRelampago never had a YouTube channel though. So, I guess in that sense, it’s not a merge lol. But it just makes sense to merge the two. And, LightningSFM is being put on the backburner. I would love to work on music as well, but as I said, it’s been very hard. This secret side project that wasn’t even meant to be a side project, but just a hidden  hobby became a much larger part of my life than I anticipated.

Lastly, Twitch will most likely also change to CieloRelampago, but I’m not entirely sure yet. That is, when I can actually GET INTO Twitch again lol. However, I don’t know how much I’ll be streaming anyway. Streaming has been difficult to fit in for a long time, as my “schedule” would show. I would stream once a month, despite wanting to stream at least once a week. I always had a bunch of excuses, but honestly, the biggest issue was trying to fit it around having two kids at home, in remote learning, needing to go to bed early to be up with them and keep them on track, and then having me/quiet time on the weekends after they went to bed. Streaming just never crossed my mind. Adding CieloRelampago to the mix didn’t help, because that “me time” turned into pose making, writing, edits, whatever. Recording videos will be easier because I can edit out any interruptions. It’s not live. I actually recorded a video today….which I need to scrap. The game decided it didn’t want to save my over 1 hour progress. Thanks, Sims. Really appreciate it. It’s fine. the buildings needed to be fixed anyway, but still. Frustrating.

Anyway, I think this novel can come to a close lol. The website menu has been changed to add all  of my CieloRelampago links, including my Instagram account; jade_hunter_e.v and everything else is CieloRelampago. When the Facebook page merge completes, the menu will change again. So, until 2 years from now, when I post another blog post, thanks for reading! lol.

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