Blog 6

Wow! So much busy! lol I moved into a new apartment and finally got everything completely set up. If you have been following my vlogs, you’ve seen the progress.

Speaking of vlogs, I no longer have Light IRL has a channel. It still exists, but it’s under a different name now (Walker #16261), and has no content besides one video explaining where all of the content went. Like my music channel, all of those videos have been moved to my main channel, LightningSFM. That’s my one stop shop for everything I do. Mainly music, but there is some art, gaming, vlogs and other random stuff like some of the audio manipulations Doc has done that are absolutely hilarious. I even got put into the Dame Tu Cosita meme! XD

As for everything else, I removed my Patreon page, since my work has shifted to music, which I try to put out there as soon as it’s completed. I have released two albums, Diary and Breathe. They are both live on Spotify, and you can stream them or purchase them from various places, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, and others. Breathe is a bit more accessible on platforms than Diary is. Diary only went to a few stores/streaming services, but Breathe is pretty much everywhere haha.

I have updated this site to have my links in the menu, so you don’t have to go seeking them out. Spotify included. I won’t include all of the streaming sites, because the menu would become very cluttered. Just search for me if there is a service you use and don’t see a link for it. 🙂

Anyway, since moving in, I have worked on a few songs already, and right now, Brooke and I are working on a project together. It’s my first original song that will feature vocals. Up until this point, the only songs I’ve made with vocals are covers. I really hope you will all enjoy the new track. It’s going to be called “Away”. I’m not sure when it will be available, but hopefully soon. And there will be an OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for it as well! I’m very excited for this one.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. If you haven’t subbed to my channel yet, or followed me on various socials, feel free to do that! I have Instagram, though I don’t post much, Facebook, Twitter, and of course Twitch and YouTube. In the menu you will also see a link for donations. You don’t HAVE to donate, and I actually don’t really expect anyone to. I just put it up there for those who want to support, since I got rid of the Patreon page. However, honestly, the only payment I need is just support from everyone who likes what I do. That is the ultimate payoff in my opinion haha.

I’ll be around. See you soon!

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