Blog 4

Wow! So I’ve released a few songs on YouTube now, for everyone to enjoy. One being a cover of “Faded” by Alan Walker, and the other two being original music from me. One was a complete re-do of a song I wrote back in 2006 or 2007, and the newest is a song I made from scratch in FL Studio. I’m not great at naming things, so just peeking out of the window and seeing the changing leaves inspired me to call it “Autumn Winds”. Cheesy, I know haha.

But with all of this music stuffs comes my next announcement. I now have a SoundCloud page! It’s if you want to go check it out. I’ll upload my songs there as soon as they are done, even if they aren’t put on YouTube for a good while. Either way, there’s that. I’ve added the SoundCloud page to the header of this site, so you can click it and access it just like you can with all of my other external links.

I also got a link, for those who want to support, but can’t make a monthly commitment on Patreon. It’s if anyone is interested. I’m not asking people to use this, of course. I don’t do what I do for money. But every little bit does help when it comes to getting software and whatnot. I have my eye on a few plugins for FL Studio but they are pretty pricey haha.

That’s pretty much it for me at this point…at least for now. I’ll be back soon with more updates! 😀

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