Blog 2

Hey guys! I’m proud to announce that I have fully customized this channel to my liking, so I would say it’s pretty much done for now. I may tinker with it from time to time, but here’s the latest rundown:

  • Added all of my YouTube channels in a nice little dropdown menu under the “YouTube” page.

  • Changed the background so the text on the site is easier to read.

  • Added my first fanfic on here. It’s a long read, so I may revise it into chapters


That seems to be it for now. I hope you like the changes, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to message me on my social media sites in the page menu. Each click will take you to an external page with that information. So, if you want to tweet at me, click “Twitter”, and you’ll be taken to my Twitter profile. It works the same way with any of the other social media platforms.


I have also added a new YouTube channel. Well, it’s not new, but it’s one I created a long time ago and pretty much never used. Now it’s been changed into a comic dub channel, where you can hear my friends and I dub Undertale comics, and other stuff if we see it and like it. If you would like to voice act for us, be sure to join my Discord (it’s in the side bar over here —>) and PM me so I can add you to the private channel for it. The channel is called “Dub Frenzy”. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates! We may even dub Glitchtale or other animated series, with permission from the creators.

I suppose that’s it for now. I have to head out to a dentist appointment, which I’m not looking forward to. Catch y’all on the flip! <3