Blog 1

Hey guys! This will serve as my first “blog” post. I won’t make these too much about my personal life, unless I feel it deserves to be. For the most part, this section will be a JOURNAL from LightningSFM/Jade (SL). I won’t rant about people, because I’m not all about drama, but I will post my feelings about certain things. Things I WON’T post here will be politics, religion, and again, my personal life, unless it’s something good in my personal life, like something about my kids or whatever. Take this page as a place for you to learn more about me, and what happens behind the scenes, behind the screen. For now, I have nothing real big to update, besides the fact that OMG I ACTUALLY HAVE MY OWN WEBSITE??? It’s so surreal! lol. This is also a reminder that I am on several different platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Discord, DeviantArt and Minecraft. All of those links are in the form of pages in the top menu, as well as the bottom menu. I also know that some of the text is hard to read with the background I have. I may change it in the future, but for now, I’ll just keep my posts to header texts, which are bolder and larger, and therefore, easier to read on this site. If you have any suggestions on what I should add here, feel free to let me know. You can also listen to my radio station, YouTube Gaming Radio, using the player in the sidebar of every page. Don’t forget to join my discord for more updates and other stuff that is happening with me. And thank you so much for all of your support and making this possible!

 – Light