Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Trouble on the Island

The next morning came too soon. Melinda awoke to the sunrays in her face. “Ugh,” she grunted in disgust, and pulled the blanket over her face as she rolled over. She had rolled over toward G, who started to pull the blanket down past her eyes.

Melinda opened her eyes and peeked up at him. “Mm, mm.” She shook her head no and pulled them back up.

G laughed. “And people called me the lazybones.”

“Hey!” Melinda pulled the blanket off of her face and glared at him.

“Heh,” G smiled at her. “Worth it.”

Melinda growled. “It’s too early.”

“No, we just…stayed up too late?” G grinned.

“Mmm, yeah,” Melinda closed her eyes. “But that was worth it.” She let go of the blanket and wrapped her arm around him, resting her head on his chest again.

G cuddled with her. “I could never get tired of this.”

Melinda felt a small tingle go up her spine. “Me either. But what’s weird is….I was attracted to you before, but this is different. You’re like a drug I have to have.”

G smiled. “Same. My feelings changed when this happened.”

“And you were worried about me being mad. Maybe you should have been more worried about whether we were going to continue to be productive, or if we were going to just ravish each other all the time.” Melinda laughed.

G gently ran his fingers up her side, then down. “Let’s find out.”

“Mmm,” Melinda closed her eyes and focused on the sensation.

“Hmm, well you aren’t stuttering yet.” G grinned. “Should I change that?” He brought his hand a little lower.

“N-no!” Melinda pushed him away. She laughed a little. “Trust me, I really want it…like really, really want…YOU, but I think staying in bed all day might not be a good idea. But I will certainly make it up to you later?”

G mocked a disgusted sigh. “Ooookay…FINE.”

“Hey!” Melinda giggled. Against her best judgment, she kissed him again, and he pulled her close and kissed her harder. Even after what she had just said, his kisses made her melt. She propped herself up above him and matched his fierceness.

“Heh, heh. Or…not?” He laughed.

“Mmm, it’s like I can’t stop myself around you.” She grinned and kissed him again.


Melinda looked at him, sleepily. “Sleep.”

G laughed. “Alright. I think I can handle that.”

They snuggled up to each other and fell asleep again.

It only felt like it had been 20 minutes, and there was a crash on their door. Papyrus came running in.

“Geez, bro, ever hear of knocking?” G growled.

“There’s no time for banter, Sans! We have a problem.” Papyrus was panicked.

Melinda opened her eyes and looked at him, still cuddled up with G. “What is it?”

Papyrus pointed to the living room. “Outside. We have newcomers, but they aren’t very friendly.”

Melinda sighed and looked up at G.

“I’ve got this,” he said. His golden eyes glowed a little.

Papyrus left, and G got dressed. Melinda looked at him. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.” She sounded more winded than before.

G shook his head. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Melinda smiled. “I can handle myself, G.” She sat up, picked up her clothes and threw them on, putting her hair up into a messy bun. “Let’s go.”

They walked outside, and were immediately met with four new people. All of them were wearing red and black. One looked like Frisk, only with a red and black striped shirt, and she was older, then there were two men who looked like versions of Sans and Papyrus, only Papyrus looked a lot more mean than the Papyrus they knew. Then there was a version of Mettaton with them.

“Heh, well what do we have here?” The Sans-like man scoffed.

Melinda was shocked. Underfell Sans, Papyrus, Frisk and Mettaton. ‘Oh no,’ she thought. She felt very weak, probably because of what she and G had just done, but she didn’t let that stop her. She narrowed her eyes. “What do you want?”

G, surprised by Melinda’s growling response, looked at her for a second. “What are you doing?” He whispered.

Melinda hushed him by putting her hand up. He recognized that motion. ‘She has my attacks too?’ He thought. The Gaster in him thought she may be overloaded because of all of the magic, but he brushed it off. She seemed to be handling it nicely. Then he realized she must recognize these people, and couldn’t help but think she was fighting fire with fire.

“Same thing as you.” Fell Sans replied. “An escape. A ‘getaway’. Imagine our surprise when we realized we would need to take it by force.”

Melinda’s left eye started to flash blue and yellow. She didn’t appear to be in pain, though. “Not on my watch. Either we live here peacefully, or you can leave.”

Fell Sans grinned. “See, there’s really nothing peaceful about us. We don’t P L A Y W E L L W I T H O T H E R S.” His eyes had gone completely black.

“Well you will learn, even if I have to teach you the hard way.” Melinda started preparing a magic attack.

G realized this was a time to help Melinda. He wasn’t sure if she could handle this magic herself. He started preparing an attack as well.

Fell Frisk looked shocked. “Wait!” She exclaimed. “Sans, please don’t fight with these people. We are in their home. Don’t mess this up for them. There are other places we can go!”

Melinda and Fell Sans stared each other down for a moment, and Fell Sans finally stopped and looked at Frisk. She was much older than the Frisk that was living with the Dreemurrs. Melinda realized she was probably FlowerFell Frisk, but her flowers had disappeared. She and Fell were in a relationship. She was his voice of reason.

Fell Sans kept looking at Frisk, while Melinda and G had their attacks at the ready. He finally sighed and looked at Melinda. “I’m sorry. Maybe I was a little….harsh with you.”

Fell Papyrus rolled his eyes and groaned. “Ugh, Sans, you’re too soft! I will handle this!” He turned to Melinda, who had also shifted her focus to him, ready for a fight. “We were able to locate people who had turned into wretched humans and started coming here. We wanted to see if there were any more of our kind.”

Melinda’s magic attack disappeared and her eye stopped flashing. She looked increasingly tired though. “No, there isn’t, but if you agree to live peacefully, you may stay here with us.”

Fell Mettaton looked at Fell Papyrus. “Let’s leave them alone.”

G was still on the defense. “How will we be able to know that you aren’t causing trouble for the rest of us?”

Both Fell Sans and Fell Papyrus opened their mouths to speak, but Fell Mettaton jumped in and spoke first. “We won’t bother you. I will make sure these boneheads don’t.”

“Me too,” Fell Frisk agreed.

“Good, then it’s settled. Everyone here has built their own homes, so you may also do so. There are a few other islands around, also owned by me. Feel free to build there. This island is getting a little crowded anyway.” Melinda explained.

G stopped his magic attack. He sighed. “Have you seen any other ones?”

“Not from where we are from,” Fell Frisk said. “But we did see a man who looked like you, but he was wearing a lab coat. He didn’t seem lost or confused like we were though, so we just let him be.”

“He was a little,” Fell Sans said.

Gaster. The W.D. Gaster. The royal scientist before Alphys. The one who built the Core of the underground, and started the determination experiments. “We have to find him!” Melinda shouted.

“Um, alright, but he was on the mainland.” Fell Sans said.

Melinda looked up. The sun was beginning to set. ‘We slept all day?’ She thought. “Alright, we can search for him tomorrow.” She looked at them. “Until then, just…find a place to call your own. You guys can start building tomorrow.”

“We can start tonight,” Fell Papyrus glared at Fell Sans.

“Yes, Boss,” Fell Sans narrowed his eyes.

“Oh yeah, and that…there will be none of that, okay, Papyrus?” Melinda stared at him.

Fell Papyrus looked angry. “I will speak to my brother any w-“ he was cut off.

Melinda looked at G, and he was holding up his hand like Melinda did to him. “She makes the rules here.” He looked at Fell Papyrus, who now looked confused and shocked. He nodded obediently. “That’s more like it.” G lowered his hand.

They slinked away, defeated, and Melinda gave G a smug grin. “Well, that happened…”

G nodded, but now he looked worried.

“What’s wrong?” Melinda asked him.

“There’s someone else, who looks like me.” G looked at her.

Melinda shrugged. “We always manage to find the lost ones.” She looked up at the darkening sky. “And anyway, these guys could possibly help us.” Honestly, she was thinking about who else could be out there as well, but she didn’t want to worry so much. There were so many variations of each character, were they expected to look for all of them.

G touched her shoulder. “You alright?”

Melinda looked back at him with tired eyes. “Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Well, I asked you if you had a plan to find them, or even get these new people to help us, and you had spaced out.” G said, looking concerned. “Are you alright? You don’t seem like yourself.”

“Heh, well we did have a long night, and a continuation this morning….or rather…evening…and we slept a long time.” Melinda smiled at him. “Don’t worry about me. It’s just lack of sleep. Or maybe too much.” She laughed a little.

G wrapped his arms around her. “But it was so worth it.”

“Hmm, I think I have to agree with you,” Melinda grinned and kissed him. He closed his eyes and kissed her back, gently and sweetly. That turned her on almost as much as being rough. He was showing a bit of a softer side. She broke the kiss and smiled. “I love you.”

G tilted his head to the side. “I love you too.” He hugged her again.

Melinda rested her head on his shoulder and looked out toward the ocean. “Wanna go for a swim?” She smiled.

G let go and looked at her. “Heh, sure.”

They changed into swim attire and headed to the beach. Melinda got right in, skipping the tip-toeing due to the coolness of the water. G followed, but a little slower. Once in, he grabbed her as she swam from the rock to the sand bar.

“Hey~” He grinned.

“G!” Melinda laughed. “You scared me.”


They playfully splashed each other and swam around for a bit, then decided to get out around midnight. They held hands like lovesick teenagers as they went back to the house. Melinda still felt weak, but she was able to hide it from G, or at least, she thought.

Lying in bed, G played with a strand of Melinda’s hair. She closed her eyes, feeling relaxed. When people touched her hair, it was like a massage. Instant relaxation. She sighed and slowly started to fade into sleep. She felt G kiss her forehead one last time before she finally fell asleep.

And that was it.