Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

New Home

“Come on, Mom!! Just let me help them!” Asriel whined to Toriel.

“Asriel, dear, what they are doing is dangerous for a child. Just stay with me. They will be done soon enough.” Toriel smiled and hugged Asriel. “This is why I admire you so. You are always willing to help people, no matter what they are doing.”

Asriel sighed and looked up at his dad, Papyrus, Sans and Mettaton, who were building a new house. Another new house. It had been a few weeks since everyone had come together on the island, and despite their best efforts to find the last two main characters of the game, they couldn’t. They started to focus on building homes for everyone. Mettaton has his own home, Papyrus still stayed with Sans and Melinda, and now they were building a large home for the Dreemurrs. Asriel was excited that he and Frisk would have separate rooms, and that there was a large play area for both of them. Melinda had helped them buy things on the mainland for the kids. They picked out toys, cute outfits, even stain coloring for the wood floors.

Melinda and Asgore had a good friendship already, and she was confident that while it wasn’t a kingdom, they could both solve problems on the island. They would work together. Melinda was happy about this, because she didn’t want to deal with it alone, and Asgore had leadership skills, even if he didn’t entirely remember himself being king. They had been devastated to find out that their son had died in the life they lived before, and they were thankful that he was given a second chance now that they had appeared here, as humans. They were also glad that Asriel, while still a child, was able to be mature enough to handle such a burden, yet, still be playful like the child he was.

Everything seemed to be falling into place, and Melinda was feeling better than the original hesitations she had when the Dreemurrs first came to the island. Papyrus and Mettaton had great chemistry, and had even gone on a few dates on the mainland. Melinda and Sans’ relationship had become stronger, but they were still playful with each other when the time was right. Still going for walks together, playfully splashing each other in the water, going out for ice cream, and just being silly and telling jokes all night when they couldn’t sleep. For lack of a better term, Melinda felt everything was perfect.

Melinda came out of her house and looked up at the guys. They were now working on the roof. The house was almost done. It just needed some windows and paint/stain. The Dreemurrs had been sleeping in her living room for now, but it was becoming cramped. She was relieved to see that they could have their own space, and she could have hers back, in a matter of a few days. She shielded her eyes from the sun as she looked up.

“Having fun up there?” She laughed a little.

Papyrus smiled. “Yes! This is great!”

Sans and Mettaton stopped and looked at him. Mettaton shook his head and continued, and Sans looked back at Melinda.

“Nah. I’m too lazy for this kind of thing.” He laughed. “But I’m certainly glad to help out a friend.” He looked at Asgore, who looked up and smiled at him.

“And we appreciate your help, Sans.” He beamed.

Melinda giggled a little. “Well, I’m going for a swim. If you guys need to cool down, you can take a break and join me.”

Sans felt himself blush a little. He had a fantasy of being alone with Melinda in the water, at night, and getting a bit “carried away”. ‘Now is not the time, Sans,’ he told himself. He got back to work, but said back to Melinda, “that sounds great! Give me 15.” He looked at the others, who all nodded in agreement.

Asriel and Frisk looked at Toriel. “Can we go out too?” Asriel asked. Melinda had noticed that Frisk wasn’t too vocal.

Toriel smiled. “Of course! I’ll get changed.” She left, but came back shortly after with Asriel and Frisk. They waded out into the water.

“So, how did you find such a wonderful place, Melinda?” Toriel asked.

Melinda laughed a little. “Well, I had always wanted such a place, but getting your own private island doesn’t come cheap. One day, I just went out of the mainland with a few friends to escape. We wanted to go camping. We stumbled across these islands. No one else noticed, but this one was for sale, and it was cheap, because it’s smaller than the other islands around here. So, I sold my house and bought the island. Then my friends and I built my house over there.” She pointed. “And I’ve lived here ever since. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“It’s beautiful. And I’m so happy you are allowing all of us to stay with you!” Toriel smiled. “I really appreciate your hospitality.”

Melinda waved her hand. “Ah, it’s nothing. It’s nice to have company. I liked being alone here, too, but having company is so much fun. It’s like I’m a kid again, at a giant slumber party.” She laughed.

Toriel laughed too. “It certainly is fun here. And you and Sans seem so close! You seem like you really love each other.”

Melinda blushed. “Ehhh…yeah! Ha….he’s great. He was the first one here, and it was odd to finally have company, but that first night, we just…clicked, you know? Like it was fate. Like it wasn’t an accident that he stumbled across this island.”

“Well clearly it wasn’t an accident. I am a firm believer in fate, and I think you are right. He was drawn here, because somewhere, something told him that you were the key to helping all of us.” Toriel smiled. “And about you two being together, of course that was fate. There’s nothing else that could describe it.”

Melinda thought a moment. Toriel was right. Melinda had loved being alone, but she loved being with Sans even more, and she didn’t realize she could love being with someone this much. She didn’t realize she could fall that hard for someone. But she did. “Heh…yeah…I guess you’re right.” She looked over and saw the guys coming toward them. “Speaking of…”

Toriel followed her gaze. “Oh hello!”

Asgore smiled at her. “It’s becoming evening, so we decided to call it a night for now. The good news is, everything should be done tomorrow, and we should be able to move in in 3 days.”

Melinda felt an overwhelming sense of relief. “I bet you guys are excited, huh?” She smiled.

Frisk and Asriel both chimed in. “YES!” They shouted.

Toriel and Asgore both laughed. “Yes, it will be nice to live there,” Toriel looked at it. “It’s beautiful”

Asgore kissed her forehead. “Just like you.”

Toriel giggled. “Aww, Gorey, thank you!”

Asriel made a face. “Eww! Mom! Dad! Gross!”

They all laughed.

An hour went by, and Toriel said they had to go. “It’s time for the little ones to settle down for bed, hmm?” She looked at them.

Asriel sighed. “I guess….”

The Dreemurrs got out of the water and went back to the house. Papyrus and Mettaton were stargazing on the other side of the island. Sans and Melinda were the only ones left.

Melinda looked around, then turned to Sans. “So, everyone is gone?” She looked up at the sky. The moon was starting to come up, and the sky was a dark blue. “I think this is the earliest I’ve been out in these waters,” she laughed. “Usually I come out here in the late night/early morning.”

Sans smiled, clearly nervous about something.

Melinda tilted her head. “Are you alright?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine.” He smiled. “Just spacin’ out I guess. Heh. It’s been a long day.”

Melinda laughed. “Yeah, you guys did a lot of work today.” She looked at the house. “But Toriel is right, it looks gorgeous. You guys did a great job.”

“Thanks,” Sans smiled. He sighed. “We haven’t had much alone time with everyone staying at our place, have we?” He gave her a hesitant smile.

Melinda shrugged. “Well, I sort of expected that. I would have been more prepared if I had known something like this would happen, but it’s alright. We’ve been working with it. The living room is large enough for Toriel and Asgore to pull out the futon to sleep, and the kids use those cots. No one is in the way. Everything is fine. Take a breath, Sans, we’re alright.”

Sans laughed a little. “No, no, I’m not worried about that.” He gently pulled her closer to him. “I’m saying we haven’t had any alone time.”

Melinda felt her face get hot. They had “had alone time” a few times since the Dreemurrs came, but it was quick and quiet, so they wouldn’t disturb anyone. She knew what Sans was trying to say. “A-and we’re a-alone now….” She laughed a little.

Sans nodded. “Yes, we are.”

Melinda grinned. “But what if someone comes onto the beach?”

Sans winked. “Well that’s just part of the fun of it. You never know.” He kissed her and pulled her closer. Melinda kissed him back, with the same aggression he was giving her. She hadn’t wanted to be as aggressive as she was the first time. She wanted to show him that sometimes, she liked being submissive as well. Well, most of the time.

They were in a full blown make-out session, when Melinda noticed his eyes shimmer purple for a second. “H-huh?” She broke the kiss. “What was that?”

Sans looked at her, puzzled. “What?”

Melinda looked really confused. “Your eyes…they flashed purple for a moment.”

Sans looked around. “Well, I don’t feel any different.” The truth was, he did feel different, but he didn’t want to alarm her. He suddenly felt more lusty. He didn’t know why. He approached her with a sly grin on his face, and kissed her.


Melinda giggled, standing in the sand beside him. She was submerged in the water to her shoulders. For Sans, it was half-way up his chest. Melinda looked up at him. She touched the left side of his face, which made that eye glow purple again.

“You wanna tell me what that was all about, Sansy?” She grinned. “Not that I’m complaining, but that wasn’t you.”

Sans smiled. “It was me, just a side of me I don’t show. Some of the AU versions of Sans merged together. You see Classic, but sometimes you may see others. We exist within him.” He waved. “Heya. I’m Lusty.”

“Yeah, you can say that again,” Melinda rolled her eyes.

Lust gave a sly grin. “Sans decided to let me take over this time, just to see how you would react. He approves.”

“Well…I loved it.” Melinda narrowed her eyes at him. She started to move in closer, so Lust followed, expecting her to kiss him. She stopped suddenly, though, and looked him right in the eyes. “But, it would have been nice to know that he knew about this, rather than not saying anything. I was caught off guard.”

Lust shrugged. “To be fair, this was a fantasy Classic wanted to do anyway. He just let me take over. That’s all. Are you mad at him? Us? Me? How do I refer to us?” He laughed a little.

Melinda giggled and playfully punched him lightly. “I suppose being spontaneous is nice too. So I’ll let it slide, just this once.”

Lust grinned. “I won’t be coming out too often. I promise. I’ll let Classic take over again.” And with that, Sans’ eyes flashed blue, and he was back to himself.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “There’s just been so much going on, I didn’t want to tell you about these random ‘other Sans’ possessions.”

“It’s alright.” Melinda smiled. “How many other Sans are we talking about here? Lust made it sound like there was more than one.”

“So far, it’s just him, at least from what I can tell.” Sans replied.

“Hmm, alright, well…that was certainly interesting…and I forgive you.” Melinda giggled a little and kissed him. “That was amazing.” She pulled herself closer to him. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” Sans winked.