Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Sans woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. This wasn’t the first time he had had a nightmare in the last few days, but this was the first time it felt real. He calmed himself down, after the confusion of not knowing where he was, and closed his eyes again. The image of a person in a striped shirt in a golden hallway haunted him. Who was that? Where were they? He started to drift off again, the last vision remembered being him looking down at a skeleton hand, covered in blood. Was it his blood? Was it even blood? Skeletons don’t bleed! How could it have been his? Or was this just a silly dream based on what Melinda had said to him? He didn’t know. He figured it would be worth mentioning to Melinda in the morning.

Melinda tossed and turned, never seeming to get comfortable. This was usually the time when she would go out and sleep on the futon, but she decided against it. Sans was there and would have felt really weird he woke up with her next to him. Or would he? She laughed a little to herself and sat up. She decided to just stay up for the night and go to the beach again. She changed into a two piece bathing suit – a tank top and short shorts, black with a hot pink “paint splash” pattern on it. It was fitting for the moment. Not organized like polka dots, just scattered across the bathing suit like her brain felt.

The sun was rising when she got out to the beach. She was facing the west though, so she could feel the heat on her back as the sun rose. She closed her eyes, but didn’t feel that tired. ‘Strange,’ she thought. ‘Not a wink of sleep, yet I’m not tired.’ She opened her eyes again and decided to get in the water. She swam from the rock to a little sand bar that stretched out from the island, then back. She did this a few times before she decided to go back to the rock. She climbed up and sat on the old futon mattress, which she had wrapped in a waterproof cover, and just looked up at the sky. It was getting brighter, and she wondered if Sans was awake yet. Her stomach fluttered a little when she thought that. She felt silly that someone she had just met gave her butterflies. She sighed and laid down, thinking about the events from the night before. Sans had said that the feeling was mutual. Was it? Or was he just falling for the person who “rescued” him? That was all too common, it seemed, and she tried to tell herself not to look too much into it. That would save her heartbreak later on.

Sans woke up to sun rays gleaming through the window from Melinda’s bedroom. He sat up. “Ugh” he grunted. He looked over at the room. “Huh, her door is open. Wonder where she went?” He got up and got his clothes out of the dryer. He put them on, except for the hoodie, which he just left hung up by the dryer. He wasn’t going to need it in a place like this. He walked over to Melinda’s room and peeked in, just to see if she was there. She wasn’t. He smiled, knowing she probably went out to the beach. He decided to go out and talk with her. He wanted to tell her about his recurring nightmare and ask her what it meant. He shuttered, remembering the bloody skeleton fingers. He rushed himself out of the door and made his way out to the beach. He saw Melinda laying on the rock, looking at the sky, contemplating. He smiled and walked toward her. She heard footsteps in the sand and looked up.

“Oh hey!” She said with a smile. “How did you sleep?”

Sans looked down. “For the most part, better than I have in the last few days, but I had a ….. nightmare. The same one I seem to have pieces of every night.” He looked back up at Melinda.

Melinda got off the rock and swam back to the beach. She laid out a soft blanket on the sand and patted it after she sat down. “Sit,” she said.

Sans sat next to her. He certainly looked troubled. Melinda looked at him, concerned. “So, what’s bugging you?” She asked.

“This nightmare….I see a person in a striped shirt, and I’m standing in a golden hallway, or room, or something. Last night, though, I saw something new. From my own point of view, I saw a skeletal hand with blood on it….and I woke up in a cold sweat, shaking.” Sans shuddered again. “I don’t know what to make of it.”

Melinda’s eyes went wide. “That….sounds like that game I told you about. Now I’m starting to think maybe I’m not crazy after all.”

Sans sighed. “So who was the person? Why was there blood? Where were we? I have so many questions, and I don’t think they can be answered.”

“They can,” Melinda said, looking at the sand. She used a stick and started making a doodle as she continued, “The person is the character the person playing the game plays as, Frisk, who is being possessed by a spirit named Chara. The room you were fighting with Frisk in was Judgment Hall, and I think that last part…was you seeing the moments before you died.”

DIED?!” Sans asked, surprised. “I die in that game?”

“No, not always. Only when the player decides to kill every creature in the game. You are one of the last creatures they fight, and you’re also the only one that bleeds. Before you turn to dust, something every creature in the game does when they die, you speak to your brother, who has been killed earlier in the game. You are a first for many of the events that occur if someone decides to kill all monsters, which is what the creatures in the game are called. You are all monsters in the underground. Monsters that have one goal – to reach the surface world and not be trapped underground any longer.” Melinda stopped, and saw that Sans’ face was confused.

“That’s…interesting.” He said, “but what if the player doesn’t kill everyone? What happens then?”

Melinda smiled, “then you fight the final boss, who is able to break the barrier and set you all free.”

The barrier. This is what keeps all monsters trapped underground. Those words echoed in Sans’ mind for a moment. It was a low voice speaking. “The barrier sounds familiar,” he said.

“Yes. It’s a common theme in the game, as you would imagine.” Melinda smiled. “But the thing that gets me out of all of this is how you are human….and real.” She looked out at the endless ocean. “It makes me wonder how many others from the underground are out there, confused, in human form.”

Sans also looked out. “Heh, yeah, it would be interesting to reconnect…if that is really what happened. But, if it is, how will we find them?”

Melinda shrugged. “I have no idea. It’s a big world out there. Assuming you guys didn’t all just appear in the same place, the others could be anywhere.” She looked at Sans. “But, I did promise I would take you to the mainland today to get you some more stuff, so maybe we can look around for confused people.” She winked.

Sans laughed lightly. “Yeah.” He looked away, then realized Melinda was already getting up. “Hey, wait a minute.” He stood up too, and faced her. “Last night, you told me you were attracted to me…”

‘Here it comes’ Melinda thought. ‘The rejection. The “I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry” sentence.’ She braced herself.

“I wanted to tell you, that when I said I felt the same way, I meant it. Not only have you showed me so much kindness, but you are very…uhh…good looking? Heh, sorry, that sounds pretty shallow, doesn’t it?” Sans started blushing that blue color again. Melinda didn’t even think he realized it was blue. She wasn’t even sure he knew he could blush.

“Ha….um, I wasn’t expecting that, I’m sorry.” She looked into his eyes, and smiled. “Well, I’m certainly glad to –”

Sans grabbed her and kissed her. Melinda felt her face get hot again, but she kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, but broke the kiss when she felt like they were becoming a bit more aggressive. She looked at Sans and smiled, not hiding her blush anymore. “T-that was…amazing.” She choked out. “And well, if you hadn’t done that, then…it may not have ever happened. Heh. I’m not good at making the first move. I am just awk–”

“Shhhh” Sans smiled. It’s alright. I wanted to settle it once and for all. “Thank you for your help with everything. I’ll wait out here for you.”

Melinda nodded, the blush fading a little. “Alright.” She rushed back to her house and shut the door. She leaned against the door and looked into her room. It was spinning. Everything was. It was the first real adrenaline rush she had experienced in a long time. “Wow,” she said out loud. “This is going to be fun.”

She gathered up an outfit to change into to go out. She changed quickly, leaving her bathing suit on underneath. She had gotten in the habit of always having a bathing suit on, because she always had urges to go to the beach or swim. Just another reason why she lived in paradise. She teased her hair a little, which had started to dry and crunch up into waves. She smiled and put on her flip flops. She walked out and met Sans on the beach again.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Mhmm.” Melinda nodded. They got into the boat and headed to the mainland.

Once on the nearest beach, they docked the boat and looked around. Melinda knew of a few places nearby that sold clothes she thought he might like. Or would he? She realized she didn’t know much about him. She mentally shrugged and decided to go there anyway. “This way,” she said.

Sans followed. They walked into a department store filled with clothes. “This is where I get a lot of my stuff. They have stylish, but cheap, clothes. Pick some stuff out. I’ll cover it for you.” Melinda said with a smile.

“Ok” Sans agreed, overwhelmed by the wall-to-wall clothes. “Uhh…stupid question, but is there a way to separate clothes here?”

Melinda laughed. “Oh, right, you aren’t used to things like this. Um, follow me. There’s a men’s section over here.”

They walked over to the men’s section, and Sans looked around. Jeans, casual shirts, sport outfits, yup, this was the right place. He smiled. “Thanks. I’ll only be a minute. I already know what I want.”

Melinda nodded. She pointed up to the sign that said “Women’s summer”. “I’ll be there,” she winked and walked away.

Sans grinned and started looking. He picked up a pair of black jeans, nodded and held onto them. Somehow he knew his size and everything. He then grabbed another pair of sport shorts, but a different color than the black ones. He wanted a change. They were a dark gray color with black stripes. He found a couple other pairs of shorts. If he was going to be staying on the island, he needed clothes that would keep him cooler. He moved onto shirts and found a few he liked and picked them up. He decided now was a good time to look for Melinda. As he was leaving the men’s area, a frantic man walked up to him. He was taller, but not too tall, but Sans felt he was oddly familiar.

“Excuse me, sir, please help!” The man exclaimed. Melinda heard it too and came out to see what was going on. She walked up next to Sans.

“What’s the problem?” She asked.

“I’m looking for a place called Mount Ebott,” the man said to both of them. Sans and Melinda looked at each other, then at the man, shocked.

“Mount Ebott?” Melinda repeated. “I’m afraid we don’t have a Mount Ebott here.” The name was familiar to her. That was the fictional mountain in Undertale that the monsters lived under.

The man sadly looked down. “Alright, thank you,” he started to walk away.

Melinda stopped him, “no no no, wait. I think I can help you, but you have to come back with us,” she said.

“Why?” The man replied. “I have to go to Mount Ebott! I’ve lost my brother.”

Melinda was shocked. She already knew who this was, but he seemed to have a bit more memory of where he needed to be and what was left behind. “Who is your brother?” She asked.

The man sighed, sadly. “His name is Sans. That’s all I remember.”

Sans’ eyes got wide, and Melinda grinned. “And what is your name?” She asked him.

“My name is Papyrus.” he stated.

Sans was now completely shocked. “Papyrus?”

“Yes?” Papyrus looked at him.

“I-I-I’m Sans.” Sans said.

“BROTHER!” Papyrus yelled.

“Shhhhh” Melinda hushed him. “Come back to my island with me. It’s where Sans is staying as well. We can talk more there. You will understand what’s going on once I explain it.”

‘ Papyrus looked confused. “Alright?”

Sans nodded. “Just trust us.”’

Papyrus smiled a little. “Well if you are truly Sans, then I trust you with everything.”

Melinda smiled warmly at Papyrus, then looked at Sans. “Well, we should pay for this and head back. Papyrus has a lot to catch up on.”

They checked out and headed back to the island. Once there, Melinda quickly got back into her swimsuit and came out to the beach where the brothers were catching up. Sans was explaining everything Melinda had told him, and Papyrus would stop him from time to time to quiz him on things only his brother would know. Surprisingly, Sans knew all of the right answers, and he was starting to regain some of his memory. Things were looking up for the two of them, and Melinda was happy to see that. She began to wonder how many other monsters-turned-human there were running around, and how many of them would trust her to take them back to her island to meet the others. This could be her biggest hurdle yet, but she had no worries about it.

She was filled with DETERMINATION.