Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen

The Plan

G left the room and shut the door. He put on that armor he didn’t plan to use, but he knew he was going to need it. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but he knew if Echo Frisk and Chara were up to something, he would need that armor. He stepped outside, on guard for anything out of place.

He heard a small giggle from the wooded area by the entrance to the lab. He walked toward it.

“G, G, G, always so intuitive,” Echo Frisk stepped out of the shadows. “Or, did you just come out to see me again?” She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, facing him with a beaming smile on her face. “Did you miss me?”

G scowled. “I missed you as a friend, as we were. Not like this.” He ducked out from her grasp. “So you can chalk this up to intuition, because Melinda and I both knew you and Chara were up to something when we saw you chatting at the celebration.”

“Well that’s a shame,” Chara came out of the shadows as well. “See, we have been making some plans, but you’re here early. Looks like we might need to improvise a bit, hmm?”

G looked around a little.

“Aww, is someone nervous? Go ahead, call your guard friends. I’m sure they don’t want to miss this.” Chara’s eyes went bright red. “Especially Melinda.” She giggled.

“No one will be coming out. Just me. I know what you are both capable of and I will not subject anyone to that.” G looked down. “Even if it means I die alone.”

“Oh, Mettaton would be displeased. No dramatic tension!” Chara grinned. “Oh well, as long as we get what we want, right Frisk?”

Frisk also grinned and nodded. “Yes.”

G brought up his scythe. “And what exactly do you want?”

Chara rolled her eyes. “Isn’t it obvious? She wants you, but you don’t want her. I personally just want to see you die, comedian. I couldn’t care less who you love or don’t love. I’m just helping her out.”

G looked at Frisk, a pleading expression on his face. “This isn’t you, Frisk. I don’t know how you ended up being this way, or what possessed you to act like this, but please, remember yourself.”

“I can’t remember myself without remembering you, G!” Frisk growled. “And that’s the problem. Now, you don’t even seem to want that friendship we had.”

“I want the friendship! You want more! I don’t!” G snarled back.

Frisk looked away. “Then it’s settled.”

Chara smiled. She stepped in front of Frisk. “Looks like that’s my cue,” she brought up her knife, which she had now used magic to summon. “Thanks to my new buddy here, my lovely, beautiful knife is enchanted. I couldn’t defeat you before, but I know I can now.” She played with the blade a little, taunting G. “Or, I could just…go into your house…”

“NO!” G yelled. “Don’t touch her. That’s why I’m here. Frisk is clearly angry at me.”

“But see, if Melinda was out of the way, Frisk could finally have you, right?” Chara smiled. “Or at least, that’s her logic.”

G looked at Frisk. “You aren’t a killer. Why would you want her gone? And what makes you think that after getting rid of her I would want anything to do with you?”

“Oh, no, silly,” Chara smiled. “We don’t want her dead, we want her gone! There’s a clear difference.” She looked at G. “Well, at least, Frisk doesn’t want her dead. I personally would love to kill everyone here, just because, but I won’t. We are partners now, and we make compromises with each other.”

G’s eye started to glow. “You wanna kill so badly? Then start with me, because that’s as far as you will get!”

Chara smiled. “With pleasure.” She charged at him with the knife. G blocked with his scythe.

He grinned. “If that’s all you’ve got, then it’s going to make this so easy for me.”

Frisk stepped in. “Or maybe you’ve forgotten what I can do.” She surrounded G in an invisible force. He couldn’t move.

“Have something to say, now, comedian?” Chara laughed. She came at him again with her knife and struck him. It went straight through the armor and into his abdomen.

G gasped in pain, but acted like he was unaffected, even when Chara pulled the knife out.

“No?” Chara grinned. “Oh well. It’ll be over soon.” She stood back and watched. Frisk held the shield in place, so G couldn’t help cover his wound, let alone use magic to heal it. He was completely powerless.

“Frisk….p-please….this isn’t y-you.” G struggled. “D-don’t do this. D-don’t b-be like y-your family.”

Frisk let her guard down a little, then toughened up. She was angry. “I am nothing like them!” The shield got tighter against G.

G’s vision started to blur. “F-Frisk…I’m s-sorry you’re h-hurt, but p-please…..stop…” he passed out.

Frisk wiped tears that had trickled down her face. She kept the shield up.

“It is done,” Chara said. “He’s gone. You did what you wanted.”

“No I didn’t,” Frisk sobbed. “You did what you wanted.”

“Oh no, don’t worry. We will now move onto what you wanted.” Chara walked toward Melinda’s house. “You can stop the spell now.”

Frisk stopped it, and G fell to the ground. He didn’t appear to be breathing. She looked away. She was starting to feel sorry for aiding Chara in killing him, but she didn’t want to show it, or she might be next. She followed Chara to the house.

They walked in and Chara immediately opened up the bedroom door where Melinda was. She had fallen asleep, her pillow soaked in her tears. She knew. She heard.

Chara looked at Frisk. “Cast the spell now. I will tell her the story as it works.”

Frisk raised her hands and magic surrounded Melinda.

Chara smiled at her, imprinting in Melinda’s mind, as if it was a conversation they were having. “I don’t know what happened,” Chara acted like she was crying. “They all died. The island is in ruin. You can’t go back there! You’re better off here. He’s gone. But you’ll be alright. Just stay here where you are. You’re happy here. There’s no need to see that place and live with the memories of all of us who lived there.” She paused. “How did I survive? I saw what they did to my family, and I ran away. Then I saw you here. I’m so glad you were here so I could warn you before you saw the state of the community.”

“It’s almost done,” Frisk whispered.

“So please,” Chara continued, in a sobbing, pleading voice. “Just forget about all of us. Make new memories, create a new life. Just remember the good times.”

And with that, Melinda was gone. She had completely disappeared from her bed.

“I need a break,” Frisk sighed.

“That’s fine. Everything we needed done is done….for now.” Chara smiled.

“For now? What else were we supposed to do? These were our terms!” Frisk looked at Chara angrily.

“Ah, but I did say we compromise because we are partners. We did what you wanted. Now it’s time to do what I wanted.” Chara looked at her. “And we can do that tomorrow.”

Frisk sighed as they walked out of the house. They saw Gaster hovering over G, frantically dialing a number on his phone. They walked quietly to their own houses, and went to sleep.

Alphys woke up to the phone ringing. She opened her eyes, groggy. “H-hello?” She asked.

“Please, come quick! G was in a fight. It looks like he was alone, but it took a knife to the abdomen and bled out!” Gaster was noticeably not himself.

Alphys sat straight up, waking Undyne up. “W-what? Is he….is he gone…?” Her eyes filled with tears. Undyne slowly sat up too, looking at Alphys for answers.

“No, he still has a pulse, but it is faint. I need your help, and anyone else who is willing to. Please, hurry. I’m bringing him to the tab.” Gaster hung up.

Alphys put her phone down. “I’m sorry, Undyne, but I have to go. I am needed at the lab.” She tried to hide the sadness in her voice. As she got up to get dressed into her scrubs and lab coat, Undyne also got up.

“Alphys,” she stopped her. “What is going on?”

“It’s G,” Alphys said. “Gaster thinks he was in a fight. He was alone, and he was stabbed in the abdomen and left to die.”

Undyne’s eyes went wide. “What??”

“He’s alive, for now. His pulse is very weak. Please, pass the message on to Papyrus, Mettaton and Melinda. I’m sure they will want to be with him.” Alphys wiped the tears out of her eyes. “I’ll see you soon.”

Undyne kissed her cheek. “Y-yeah…see you soon…” she held back her own tears. She got up, got dressed and went to Melinda’s house to get Papyrus, Mettaton and Melinda. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. She opened it gently and saw that Melinda’s door was open. She walked in, and no one was there. It was like someone had been there, but just vanished from under the covers. The blankets were still propped up like someone was under them. Undyne pulled them back, and sure enough, no one was there. ‘’Oh no,’ she thought. She looked around the house, but there was no sign of Melinda. Her armor was still up, so she hadn’t gone out to the fight. She was just…gone. ‘Maybe she already went to the lab,’ she reassured herself and knocked on Papyrus and Mettaton’s door. She knocked, and explained the situation to them when they answered. They all went down to the lab together. After looking around, they didn’t see Melinda there either.

“Where is she?” Mettaton wondered.

“I don’t know, but when she hears about G, I’m sure she will be down here faster than we can blink.” Undyne said.

They went to G’s room, where he was on a bunch of machines, and was getting more blood. The machines had a clear beeping sound of his pulse, so they knew he was still with them. Gaster was stitching up the wound.

“This is bad….” Papyrus said sadly.

Alphys came out. “Yes, it’s bad, Papyrus, but he is stable. We aren’t going to lose him.” She smiled.

Papyrus smiled through tears. “Good….but that isn’t the only problem we have right now.” He looked at Alphys. “Melinda is missing. There’s no trace of her. She’s just…gone.”

“Oh no.” Alphys said, shocked. “D-did you guys look around the island?”

“No, not really, but we know she wouldn’t have just left G in that state. You and Gaster would have gotten a call a lot sooner.” Undyne said.

Alphys shook her head. “I don’t know what to tell G when he wakes up.”

“Which should be soon,” Gaster said from behind her. “The anesthetics are going to wear off soon. What’s the problem here?” He started to wash his hands.

“Melinda is missing,” Alphys said. “Disappeared without a trace.”

“Curious,” Gaster looked up. “She wouldn’t have left Sans.”

“I know! That’s what makes this so strange.” Alphys sighed.

“I’ll go look for her,” Undyne said. “You guys can stay here and keep G company when he wakes up. He will need it.”

“Right,” Papyrus nodded. He went into the room and sat in one of the chairs. Mettaton followed, while Alphys and Gaster left the room.

“I have no doubt that he was pinned by something in order to get that wound,” Gaster said to Alphys. “If there’s one thing about Sans I know…and one thing about myself I know, it’s that neither of us would go down like that without a fight. Yet, he shows no signs of fighting at all.”

Alphys nodded. “Yeah, it’s pretty weird. And Melinda missing too, I don’t know what to think.”

Gaster sighed. “I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that demon child was behind this.” He was referring to Chara, and Alphys knew that.

“What makes you say that?” Alphys asked.

“It’s just a feeling. And well, he was cut with a knife, not hurt by magic. Chara doesn’t have magic, so I have a feeling she was the one that dealt that blow.” Gaster looked down. “But in order to do it, she would have had to restrain him, and I see no signs of restraints. And again, she doesn’t have magic…so this doesn’t make any sense.”

Alphys thought for a moment. “Is there anyone on this island we don’t know that well, but would know G, or that we don’t really know anything about?”

Gaster stopped. His eyes got wide. “Chara was speaking with someone last night. I didn’t see who, as I was speaking with the Dreemurrs most of the night, but I saw Melinda had her eye on her. And she kept looking at Melinda with this look of pure hatred. I have never seen such a look like that, except from Chara.”

“Who was the other person?” Alphys asked.

“She looked to be like Frisk, only older. She was an adult.” Gaster replied, still thinking. “Honestly, I don’t know much about G’s AU, so I don’t know if she was from there, but the way she looked at them, I can’t help but think that they knew each other.”

“Do you think she…she…k-killed Melinda too?” Alphys held back tears.

“If she, or they, did, they didn’t do it here. No signs of blood or anything to tell me that she is dead.” Gaster shrugged. “I don’t know what to think.”

“He’s waking up!” Undyne exclaimed quietly from the doorway.

Gaster smiled and nodded to Alphys. “Good. Go ahead. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Alphys nodded and walked into the room, where G was starting to open his eyes.

He looked around, but everything was blurry. He heard beeping. He tried to focus on something, anything in the room, but he couldn’t, so he closed his eyes again.

“It’s okay, G,” he heard. It was Alphys. “It may be hard to see for now. We were very, very close to losing you. Don’t strain yourself.”

G just nodded, weakly. His skin was pale, because he still didn’t have all of the blood he needed. He was confused. He tried to speak. “W-wha-wha-.” He started to get visibly angry. His eyebrows went down in anger. “Hap- What happen-ed?”

Undyne and Alphys looked at each other. Undyne shook her head.”

Papyrus spoke up. “You were attacked,” he started.

“I know.” G said crystal clear. “F-Frisk ‘nd Ch-Chara.”

“Oh! You remember?” Papyrus asked.

G opened his eyes again. Even through the blur, he could see his brother’s smiling face. “A l-little.”

Papyrus sighed. “I will give you time.”

“No,” G insisted. “What hap…” he winced in pain.

“You’ve been hurt pretty bad, brother, please do not strain yourself.” Papyrus pleaded.

Gaster came into the room with more pain meds. “This should help.”

G looked at him. “Thanks.” He said.

Gaster smiled at him. “I’m just glad you’re alright. I don’t know what I would do if I were to lose you.”

G grinned the way he did when he was about to make a joke. He looked at Gaster’s blurry face and said, “N-no emo-tion.”

“Yes, yes, I know. Maybe I should follow my own advice, hmm?” Gaster laughed.

G smiled.

The pain medicine made G sleep a little longer, and when he woke up again, he was able to see better and speak.

“Do you remember exactly what happened?” Undyne asked.

“Sort of,” G looked down. “Melinda and I went to bed, but we couldn’t sleep. I looked out the window and I saw Frisk. Echo Frisk, the one from my AU. She was outside the house. Melinda and I had been talking about how we thought that she had a plan with Chara.” He stopped and looked around the room. “Wait, where is Melinda?”

They all got a hesitant look on their faces. G noted this and his eyes widened. “No.” His eyes filled with tears. “No! She’s….gone?”

A tear fell from Undyne’s eye. “Yes, but not in the way you think. She vanished without a trace, but so far, we have no reason to assume she is….well….gone, like that.”

G clenched his teeth as tears fell. “There’s only one way she could vanish. It wasn’t all Chara. She doesn’t have magic. She needed Frisk’s help to try to kill me. Frisk must have cast a spell to make Melinda disappear.” He looked up sadly. “She trapped me in an invisible shield so I couldn’t protect myself from Chara, who was coming after me with her knife. I just had to take it. I saw the blood, and when I looked up, they were both just staring at me, watching me die. P-please,” he cried harder. “S-stop them…”

Undyne looked angry through her tears. “We will,” she growled. “I will make sure of it.”

Gaster touched Undyne’s shoulder. “It’s dawn. It’s best to get up there now. I will stay here and gather as much information as I can.” He smiled a little. “Show them what the guard is made of, Undyne. Assemble them.”

Undyne nodded and stood up. She hugged G and cried into his shoulder. He cried with her. “We will get them,” she whispered angrily. “I will make sure they can’t hurt us anymore.”

G nodded. Undyne let go and she and Papyrus left to gather Fell Papyrus and Asgore. Asgore had said he would fight if needed, and Undyne knew this was one of those times. But trying to convince him that one of his own adopted children was behind this…that would be the hard part.

Chara did this?” Asgore stepped back. He mumbled to himself, “I knew she was up to something.”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the hard part….

Undyne nodded. “I’m so sorry sir, but we need to stop them before they cause more chaos. And we need your help, since G is in the hospital – erm…lab…”

Asgore agreed. “I will be out in a moment. Assemble the rest of the guard, and we will go from there. Let’s meet on the other side of the island.”

“Yessir,” Undyne saluted and walked away. She ran to Fell Papyrus and Fell Mettaton’s house. Banging on the door, she waited impatiently.

Fell Papyrus answered groggily. “What?”

“We need you. We are assembling the guard. There’s a big problem.” Undyne was shaky.

“Um…but I didn’t think I was an official member?” Fell Papyrus was confused.

“You are now!” Undyne pulled his arm.

They all met on the other side of the island. The orange light from the sunrise cast an eerie glow on the island. Fog was rising, adding to the creepiness. It wasn’t the same as it once was.

Undyne handed Fell Papyrus G’s armor. “Take this. You will need it.”

Fell Papyrus saw the slash in the armor. His eyes widened. “They did this to him?”

Undyne nodded. “Yes.”

Fell Papyrus looked at Papyrus, who had tears in his eyes. He looked back at Undyne and put the armor on. “Let’s do this.”

Asgore came up to them. “Ready?” He looked around. “Where is Melinda?”

“We don’t know. She disappeared without a trace.” Undyne looked down.

“What a shame…” Chara appeared from the shadows. “And poor G too, right?” She giggled. “I suppose you are here to try to stop me. Or maybe you are just wishing for death?”

Asgore summoned his trident and looked at her. “I can’t believe I trusted you.”

Chara laughed. “What’s wrong, Dad? Didn’t think I was capable of doing such horrible things?” She raised her knife, which still had blood on it. “Does this prove otherwise?”

Undyne got angry. “With all of us together, you don’t stand a chance, brat!!”

Chara grinned. “Frisk, would you like to come say hello to our new friends?”

Echo Frisk stepped out from behind a tree, wearing a look of sadness. She whispered to Chara. “Do we have to do this?”

“Remember what I said, Frisk. I want all of them gone. Now…do your thing.” Chara smiled, ready to attack.

Echo Frisk stood there, motionless. Chara started to get angry. “What are you doing?”

“I watched G die. I can’t do this again. He was right. This isn’t me. And I’m so terribly sorry I got caught up in this web…” she looked at Chara. “Of your insanity!!!”

Chara rolled her eyes. “Then, I suppose you can join them, because I can kill you all no problem.” She was smug. “And then, I’ll move onto all of the others here on these islands. Everyone shall perish, just like G and Melinda. The ‘lovebirds’, the ‘happy couple’, gone within 5 minutes of each other. Do you really want to tempt fate?”

Undyne got a spear ready. “I’ll tempt anything if it means stopping you!” She charged at Chara, hitting her with the spear. Chara gave a creepy grin.

“If that’s all you’ve got, this will be fun.” She ran after Asgore. “I’ll start with you, dad!!” She slashed, but he blocked with the trident. That knocked Chara back quite a bit. She stood up. “Frisk, stop them!”

Echo Frisk scowled at Chara. “No. I won’t. I’ve already done enough damage I shouldn’t have done.”

Chara walked up to her. “Then I suppose you wouldn’t mind dying for the greater good?” She laughed and raised the knife.

Echo Frisk got angry. “ENOUGH!!” She yelled. She used a spell to trap Chara, and then she just fell on the ground, crying. “Undyne, Asgore. Any of you. Do what you must to me. I will allow it.”

The guard all exchanged glances. Undyne looked back at Echo Frisk. “No.” Her spear disappeared. “You are clearly sorry for what you helped to do, but your judgment was clouded.”

Asgore chimed in. “I know all too well what that is like.”

“I am no good to anyone here. Please.” Echo Frisk was still staring at the ground, waiting for a strike.

Chara managed to break out of the restraints and came after Echo Frisk, letting out an ear piercing scream. Echo Frisk looked up just in time to summon fire and hit Chara with it. Chara fell back, burned and unconscious. Echo Frisk, still angry, couldn’t control herself and fire bursts were flying, catching trees and homes on fire. She calmed down, but it was too late. The island was engulfed in flames. Echo Frisk stepped back in shock. “No…I didn’t mean to…oh no. No, no, no, no, no!” She started to run away, but Papyrus turned her soul blue.

“Don’t.” He said simply. “I forgive you.”

Undyne nodded. “We all do.”

Tree branches started to fall. They watched as everything they had worked up to was destroyed. Chara was also defeated and destroyed.

“We’ve done what was needed.” Undyne sighed. “Now, gather everyone up and bring them to the lab. We will be safe there.”

Before anyone could move, a fire pit exploded nearby, and everyone fell to the ground.

Just like that, the beautiful tropical island was gone. The community was gone. All of the people had been scattered like stones. There was nothing left. It was like the island had been erased.

Part 2 coming soon!

(Sorry this didn’t have such a happy ending.)