Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen


Ceremony day. Melinda was nervous. She tried on her armor and looked in the mirror. It was missing something. Something she thought would look really good….but she didn’t have time to make anything.

G came into the room, wearing his armor and a yellow cloak-like cloth on his shoulders and down his back a little. It was fastened around his neck. He looked unhappy, but Melinda went starry-eyed when she saw it.

“Y-you…look….AMAZING!!!” She shouted.

G looked at her and laughed. “Shhh, don’t get too excited. But uhh, you look pretty damn good yourself,” he smiled and came up behind her, resting his hands on her hips. He kissed her neck. “I love tough girls,” he grinned.

Melinda shivered as he kissed her neck, but shifted his thoughts elsewhere. “It’s missing something.”

“Ah, this?” He asked as he raised his hand and a similar cloth to his appeared in her hand. It was green.

Melinda looked at it. “Yeah, exactly! Thanks!” She put it on. G straightened it out.

“Perfect,” he smiled. “Papyrus has a red one. Undyne’s is blue, but she never wears it. She probably will today.”

“Oh,” Melinda looked at the floor.

G lifted her chin so her face was just inches from his as he leaned in. “Don’t worry about it, dollface. It’ll be fine. I promise.” He kissed her. She kissed him back, and they kissed for a good while, sort of teasing each other on and off.

Melinda broke the kiss. “You know, it wouldn’t be a good idea to get all worked up when we’re like…this,” she pointed to their armor.

G laughed. “True.” He looked at the clock on the wall. “We should head out there anyway, or we’ll be late.”

Melinda gulped, but then she looked at G, who had his hand against his side, and his elbow exaggerated, telling her to loop her arm in his. She did, and they stepped out of the house.

Undyne and Papyrus were outside, waiting. Undyne was wearing her cloak. “Wow! You two look great!”

“Thanks,” Melinda sighed.

“Don’t get used to it,” G winked.

Undyne smiled and put her hands on her hips. “G, you look so official, though. It’s a nice look on you.”

“Official…like Gaster?” G scowled.

“No! Not like that!” Undyne laughed.

Papyrus was itching to leave. “When are we going?”

Melinda shifted her weight, nervously gazing around. “I don’t see anyone.”

Undyne smiled. “They’ll be here. Chin up! You’ll be just fine. Just hold your head up. These people will practically worship the ground you walk on.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Melinda looked down. “I don’t want to be treated differently than I am now.”

“Give it about a week, and people will forget all about it, unless we have trouble here. That’s when they will think about it. Come on! You’ve been the center of attention since we got here. Questions about our past, recovering lost memories, and just talking to more and more new people. This is no different. Don’t be afraid to be proud.” Undyne smiled and hugged her. “They will be just as proud of you as we are.”

G nodded. “Well said, Undyne. We are all proud of you, and if they aren’t…well…” he lit up a cigarette. “Then it’s their loss.” He blew out smoke.

Undyne narrowed her eyes. “You know, you can’t be in tip-top shape if you keep smoking those stupid things, G”

G winked, “I’ve never been one to worry about what shape I am.”

Melinda giggled and Papyrus and Undyne just stared at him, not amused by his joke.

“Alright, we should go.” Undyne turned around.

G looked at Melinda “Worth it.”

They laughed and walked with Undyne and Papyrus. They met Asgore on the side of the island they had been training on. He had made a small lift, sort of like a podium. Melinda started to sweat. Just another thing she wasn’t expecting.

“Ah, howdy there guys!” Asgore greeted them warmly. “People are due to start coming in about 15 minutes. We can just relax until then. How does the armor fit?”

“Great!!” Papyrus smiled wide.

“Yeah, it fits just fine,” G nodded.

Melinda didn’t even hear Asgore.

“And what about you?” He looked at her and waved in front of her face.

“Huh?” She looked up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Asgore tilted his head, then smiled. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah, I’m….fine.” Melinda darted her eyes around.

“Nervous?” Asgore nodded.

“Yeah…” Melinda agreed. “I am.”

“There’s nothing to worry about.” Asgore placed his hand on her shoulder. “It’s just an announcement.”

Melinda looked down. “In front of everyone.”

Asgore laughed. “Don’t worry! It’ll be fine!” He looked at her and his expression turned serious when he saw tears in her eyes. “Hey, come on, let’s take a walk, okay?”

Melinda nodded and followed Asgore away from the others.

“When I was a prince in the underground, and the coronation came for me to become king, I faked being ill,” Asgore looked at Melinda. “I was so nervous. I didn’t want to see all of those people.” He smiled. “But, it was so painless and easy, and then we had a celebration afterward, and my nervousness was forgotten!”

Melinda laughed a little. “Well, that’s good. I’m sure that’ll be the case here, too, but I just…I have a bad feeling. I’m not sure why, but I’m assuming it’s because of our lovely red-loving neighbors.”

Asgore nodded. “I understand, but don’t worry. I won’t let them do anything, and hey, if anything it will help you guys stay protected. When they see you are a guardsman, they’ll back off. If they don’t, they will have to face me. I may seem all warm and fuzzy on the outside, no pun intended, but I can and will fight anyone who messes with my guardsmen. I promise.”

Melinda looked up at Asgore and hugged him. “Thank you, sir. I feel better.”

“Good,” Asgore smiled. He turned and they started to head back.

G had seen through the trees and bushes and smiled at Undyne. “That went well, I think. She’s smiling.”

“Asgore has a way with words.” Undyne agreed.

Asgore and Melinda came back.

“Alright,” Asgore looked around and thought for a moment. “I think we should get into our places.”

G nodded. “Where are we standin’?” He put out his cigarette.

“Well, there are 4 of you. 2 of you have been through the motions before, and 2 of you are new. I think Undyne and Papyrus should be to my right, in that order, and you and Melinda on my left, also in that order. Does that make sense?” Asgore looked at them.

“Yes sir,” Undyne smiled.

“Please, no formalities” Asgore laughed. “I am your friend, not your leader.”

“Sorry, but I still have to call you sir,” Undyne winked. “It feels weird if I don’t.”

They all got into their proper places and people started to fill up the west side of the island. Melinda didn’t let it bother her. She held her head high like the others and just kept standing proud. It was hard as more people came. She realized there were even more people here than she knew about. They had been inhabiting the other islands, and some were living in the hotel temporarily. She had no idea they were even there!

Just about everyone was there, and Asgore started to speak. “Some of you may know already that we have had some trouble occur here, and it almost cost the life of someone we hold very dear to us. The one who gave us a home and community was almost gone in an instant. It was at that moment that Undyne, the captain of the former royal guard, and I decided to set up a new guard. For now there are 5 members, myself included, but I don’t have fancy armor like they do,” he smiled.

The crowd laughed and cheered. As they did, Melinda noticed a few stragglers coming in late. One of them, was an adult Frisk. She had a ripped top with a black halter top underneath, and she was wearing torn denim shorts with black leggings underneath. She knew who it was immediately. She glanced over at G, who looked just as shocked as she did. He saw her too. Echotale Frisk. The Frisk from his AU. And she recognized him. She gave him a big smile. G looked away.

Asgore continued. “So without any further ado, I present you, our guardsmen – and women – in order from left to right. Papyrus. He is new, but he had aspired to be a guardsmen even in our time in the underground. Undyne, who is very familiar with the guard and will continue to lead the way. Gaster Sans, or G for short, who was in the royal guard in one of his many places in our AU’s, which I still don’t understand,” he laughed. “And last, but certainly not least, the owner of these islands, the pure human who helped us the most, Melinda.”

Everyone applauded. They all smiled and did a small bow as thanks.

“Let us celebrate this wonderful event at dusk in the hotel. I hope to see you all there! We will dance and have refreshments, so bring a date!” Asgore smiled. “See you all very soon.”

People started to file out, and Asgore turned to Melinda. “See? That wasn’t so bad.”

Melinda was sweating. “I-I have to go. I need to change out of this. We don’t have to wear the armor to the celebration, do we?”

“No, no, of course not,” Asgore laughed. “I could imagine it would be hard to dance in that.”

“Ha…yeah…well, then I will see you soon! And thank you!” Melinda ran off.

G nodded to Asgore and ran after her.

They got into the house, and Melinda immediately changed out of her armor and into a nice black dress. She tied up her hair with a green bow and smiled at herself in the mirror, trying to get rid of the image of Frisk in her mind. She knew this was going to cause tension.

“I don’t know how she got here either.” G said from the doorway, scaring her. “I had no idea.”

Melinda sat on the bed. “G….she’s here now. I know what that means.” She looked down.

G sat with her. “It means nothing.” He looked into her eyes. “I promise you.”

Melinda leaned in and kissed him. “I hope she doesn’t try to cause trouble. I trust you, but that look on her face…I just know she has no idea you don’t have an interest anymore.” Her eyes widened. “There’s a dance tonight. She might try to have you be her date.” She looked down. “Oh, no…”

G smiled and pulled her head back up. “Don’t worry.” He kissed her, closing his eyes. She did the same, and they wrapped their arms around each other. G started to move down to her neck, but she put her hand on his head.

“G, no,” she laughed a little. “We can’t do this right now.”

G grinned and looked at her. “We still have a couple hours until sunset.” He kissed her again, and she followed.


G moved up to her ear. He whispered, “we were being watched.”

Melinda snapped out of euphoria very quickly. “What?”

G pointed to the window. “I moved when I saw her, because after she knocked on the door, she was outside the window. Figured I would give her a show. And…I didn’t want you to see her.”

“Sans! That wasn’t a good idea!” Melinda looked at him, her green eyes glowing.

“Why not?” He asked. “Because she’s a wizard and has magic?” He laughed a little. “Don’t worry.”

Melinda sighed and kissed him. “I guess we’ll see at the celebration.”

If she comes now,” he laughed.