Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen

Assemble the Guard!

“Another training day,” Melinda said aloud as she started to get dressed. She sighed. She was in pain from all of the training, working muscles she had never used to, but it was worth it. She had the ultimate payoff. Undyne had allowed Papyrus to join the guard, which is something she never did in the game, despite his desperate desire to be in it. He finally got his wish, and Undyne and G had also been training him. He caught on quicker, as his memories of the underground became clearer. Thanks to Asriel and Melinda, everyone was remembering who they were before, besides G. He remembered his time in Echotale and Underpray, but kept it quiet. G was also helping Undyne train Melinda as well, but most of the time, he just watched from the shadows. He didn’t want to hinder anything due to their relationship. He and Melinda had agreed to leave Chara and the Dreemurrs alone for now, and be aware of everything in case Chara was trying to carry out a darker plan. G had stopped stressing about it, and was happier now. He was still edgy, but not as much as he had been. Certainly not as edgy as Fell Sans.

Melinda walked out and to the part of the island that she had been meeting Undyne. Papyrus and G were already there, waiting.

“Oh…am I late?” Melinda asked, looking around at all of them.

“No! Not at all.” Undyne smiled. “We just got here early to plan the training and what might be the best way to train both of you.”

“Ah, what kind of workout do we have today?” Melinda laughed.

“You have been able to recreate things you see with your soul magic. Now I want to see if you can do it without looking at something. But make it your own. Think of a weapon that would help you, and work with that. These can change. They don’t always have to be the same.” Undyne explained. “G has been teaching Paps how to use bone magic. He opted out of blasters though.”

“I don’t feel I will need them.” Papyrus chimed in.

“Right, and his bone attacks are strong, so I agree,” Undyne nodded.

Melinda took this all in. She immediately started trying. She first brought up a shield and then started envisioning small daggers. A series of daggers would be more powerful than just one large one, so she decided it would be best for her to work with that. She had been practicing a lot, so it didn’t take long for 10 small daggers to appear in front of her.

“Great!” Undyne cheered. “Now, fire them at that tree.” She pointed to Melinda’s right. The tree had taken a beating already. Melinda laughed a little and fired them. They all stuck in the tree and vanished, leaving behind a trail of green magic that glowed bright. Undyne looked shocked. “Wow! You know how to make the magic linger as well. Great work! That can inflict maximum damage.”

“I know.” Melinda smiled at G, who had told her this. G smiled back.

“We have trained a little on our own as well,” he looked at Undyne.

“Great!” Undyne said with a big smile. She was excited. “Papyrus, let’s see what you’ve got. Don’t hold back.”

Papyrus brought up a series of blue and white bones. Melinda recognized this attack from the game. The white bones needed to be dodged, but the blue ones would pass by you if you held still. She smiled. Papyrus was a natural. She watched as he fired the bones at the tree, the white ones hitting it directly, while the blue ones phased through the tree.

Undyne nodded. “Good work! Now, G is going to train you, Melinda, on Gaster Blasters, while I will train Papyrus on blue magic.”

Melinda smiled nervously. Gaster Blasters had been unpredictable for her. She had tried a few times and almost shot G a few times. She looked up at him. “I don’t want to hurt you,” she said.

“Ah…you won’t,” G smiled. “Remember, I can block the attacks if they start to come toward me. Just tap into the other magic you possess.” He was referring to the magic of the Sanses she held.

She nodded. “Alright.” She focused and brought up three blasters, each with different eyes. One blue, one yellow, and one red. She didn’t use Lust’s magic, as that wasn’t the reason she kept it.

“Wow, nice!” G grinned.

Melinda grinned back and pointed the blasters at the tree. She raised her hand and threw it forward, straight like she was shoving someone. All three blasters fired, the magic all crossing over each other, not going straight. She sighed. “Dammit.”

G put his arms around her. “Don’t stress it. It takes practice. Don’t doubt yourself. Trust me, you’ve gotten a lot better than you were.”

Melinda smiled. “Alright.” G let go of her and she brought them up again.

“Now, wait a minute, and focus on your target. Picture the tree as an intruder. What would you do to an intruder that was causing trouble here? You want to protect. You want to make sure all of your friends and loved ones are safe. What do you do?” G coached.

Melinda’s eyes went shady, then one glowed red, while the other flashed between blue and yellow. She looked angry. She fired the blasters, one by one, each hitting the tree exactly where she wanted them to hit. She brought up the green daggers and shot them as well, all of them sticking point first into the tree.

“Wow! That was awesome!” G applauded. “So, keep doing that, what you just did. When you focus on what matters, protection, you hit the target spot on.”

The shade over Melinda’s eyes lifted, and the colors returned to her normal green eyes. “That hurt,” she laughed.

“Hurt?” G asked.

“Yeah, it felt like I was pulling muscles, like when you’re pushing something heavy. But I understand why.” Melinda said.

“Your heart was in it.” G smiled. He nodded to Undyne, who came over. “Do you think you could do that again?”

Undyne looked at the scorched tree. “Whoa.”

G nodded and gave a sly grin. “Go.”

Melinda’s eyes went back to the way they had been, one red, one flashing blue and yellow. The three blasters came up, and Melinda fired them angrily. All three of them hit the same spot, and the tree smoked a little.

Undyne jumped excitedly. “Yes! That’s it! Great!!”

Melinda’s eyes once again returned to normal, and she smiled again. “Thanks!”

“How is Pap doing?” G asked.

“Oh, great! This isn’t taking as long as I thought it would,” Undyne smiled wide again. “I think we are ready to talk to Asgore.”

“Wait, really?” Melinda asked.

“Yeah! Definitely. Just keep doing what you just did there, and we will be great.” She hugged Melinda. “Great to have you on board.”

Melinda smiled and gave G a thumbs up while Undyne hugged her. G winked back and smiled as well.

The four of them went to Asgore. Knocking on the Dreemurrs’ door, Chara answered. G’s eyes glowed yellow. Melinda took his hand, and his eyes stopped glowing.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

Melinda smiled at him.

Undyne looked at her. “We are looking for Asgore,” she said with a straight face.

Chara rolled her eyes and walked away to get him. After a few moments, he came to the door.

“Oh! Howdy guys! Nice to see you here. How may I help you?” He beamed.

“We are ready,” Undyne said, smiling.

“Oh! Well then. I guess it is good I’ve been working on armor!” Asgore seemed excited.

“Wait, armor?” G asked. “Do we…uh…need to have armor?”

“Well, no, but it’s a good idea to have it.” Asgore looked at G. “You don’t have to use it if you feel you would be better without it. But please, take it. Maybe you could just…put it up? As a reminder of your promise to defend us.”

G smiled. “Alright. Sounds good.”

They headed into the house to look at the armor. Melinda’s eyes lit up. Asgore definitely paid attention to detail. G’s armor had a yellow Gaster Blaster, Melinda’s had a green shield with a sword crossed over it, and Papyrus’s armor was white with red, blue and gold on it, like it was in the game. All of the sets of armor had the Delta Rune, the symbol of the underground, on them.

“This is amazing, Asgore!” Melinda beamed. “I can’t believe you made these so fast!”

“Hmm…monster magic?” Asgore laughed.

G crossed his arms in front of him and grinned. “I love it.” He uncrossed his arms and put one arm around Melinda’s back, and she cuddled up with him in a hug. “I love even more that it’s so…official.”

“We will all match, only, with our own traits on them as well,” Undyne smiled, pointing her own armor, which she was wearing.

“Tomorrow I shall make the announcement.” Asgore said.

“Announcement?” Melinda blushed. “There’s going to be an announcement?”

“Of course!” Asgore smiled warmly at her. “We need to let everyone know we have assembled the guard!”

“Oh, this is so exciting!” Papyrus was starry eyed.

G smiled at him, then nodded to Asgore. “So, who will the announcement be to?”

“Well,” Asgore looked at him. “Everyone! Even on our neighboring islands.”

Melinda gulped. “Oh boy,” she mumbled.

G laughed a little. “Are you worried about being in front of all of those people?”

“I’m afraid of being in front of the Fell group.” Melinda admitted.

“Ah, yeah, them. Well, it’ll be good because they will know not to mess with us.” G smiled.

“Y-yeah I guess,” Melinda shifted her weight nervously.

“I will also have a bit of a ceremony in the dining hall of the hotel,” Asgore said. “I want to make this fun. We can all dine together and celebrate!”

“I-is that really necessary?” Melinda asked.

“Of course it is!” Asgore smiled. He put his hand on her shoulder. “Do not be afraid. I promise you will be alright.” He looked up at all of them. “I would like it if you would all wear you armor for the announcement and ceremony though, please.” He shifted his gaze to G. Melinda caught herself laughing a little. She knew G saw it as a monkey suit and didn’t want to wear it.

“Alright,” G nodded. He didn’t even sound frustrated.

“Well, get some rest guys,” Asgore opened the door for them as they took their armor out. “I will set everything up and let everyone know they need to be there tomorrow.” He waved. “Good night!”

They all waved back. Undyne practically jumped on Melinda and Papyrus. “Congratulations guys! I knew you could do it!!”

G smiled and lit a smoke as he used his magic to hold up his armor. “Yeah, congrats. This is a good thing for the community. Remember that.”

Melinda nodded. Undyne walked back to her house, and G, Papyrus and Melinda walked back to theirs. Undyne ran back over to their house and knocked on the door just as they were sitting down.

“Hey! I have a few extras of these and wanted to bring them over!” She gave them stands for their armor.

“Oh, heh, thanks,” G smiled.

“My pleasure. See you later!” Undyne ran off. She was like a little kid on Christmas morning. G found himself laughing.

They all placed their armor on the stands Undyne gave them. They decided to keep them in the living room, on display when not in use.

G looked at his and sighed. “I suppose I could get used to mine,” he smiled at Melinda.

Melinda smiled back. “I think you’ll look pretty sexy in that armor.”

“Heh, sexy, huh?” He grabbed her waist. “Like I don’t already?”

“Of course you do! But I love a guy in uniform,” she grinned.

G laughed and kissed her softly. “Well, then I like the armor even more now.”

Papyrus smiled. “I’m so happy to see you two love birds happy again! And I’m glad we’re all part of the guard, too! I feel strange, like I have achieved a lifelong dream.”

“You have!” Melinda smiled. “In the game, you were dying to be in the guard. Undyne was your inspiration, and she was training you…and giving you cooking lessons.”

Cooking lessons?” Papyrus was perplexed. “What did I cook?”

“Spaghetti,” Melinda laughed. “But the way Undyne made it…well, she um, ruined a lot of pots…and in the game, even set her house on fire, so yeah…those lessons didn’t exactly pay off.” She looked at him. “No offense or anything.”

Papyrus nodded and smiled. “It’s alright. I have always had an urge to cook, but never knew what to make. I think now I know what I will have to try!”

“Why don’t you let me help you?” Melinda laughed.

Papyrus laughed too. “Yes, please do! I have no idea how to cook anything, but you cook very well!”

“Thanks,” Melinda smiled. “But I don’t really cook, cook, y’know? Like, I can make simple stuff, but I don’t make anything real hearty. I suppose I should start, huh?”

“Yes! It would be excellent for both of us!” Papyrus agreed.

“Alright, well let’s let this guard thing happen first, and then we will focus on that, alright?” Melinda yawned.

“Yes! We should all get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow!” Papyrus was excited, but he saw the dread on Melinda’s face. “Wait…what’s wrong?”

“I’m just…nervous….I guess,” Melinda looked at the floor. “I’ve never been involved in something so significant before. I’ve never really been looked up to before you guys all got here, and I don’t know how to handle that many eyes on me at the same time.” She looked up again. “Not to mention, I have a weird feeling about it. I can’t place it, but it’s just…uneasy. I don’t know if the Fell group is going to cause problems or what, but I don’t know.” She looked at her room. “Maybe once I get some sleep I’ll be alright.”

“Yes,” G nodded. “I think we all need some rest. We had a tiring day.”

They said their good nights and went to bed. Melinda and G cuddled for a bit, and they could hear Papyrus excitedly telling Mettaton, who had just come in, about their ceremony. Mettaton sounded excited too, but nervous. Melinda started to fall asleep, but G kept listening. He didn’t like the tone in Mettaton’s voice. But then he heard it.

“That’s great news, darling,” Mettaton said shakily.

“What’s wrong, Mettaton?” Papyrus asked, concerned.

“Uhm, well, I have a question for you, and I don’t want you to hate me for it.” Mettaton looked away.

G’s eyes started to glow bright yellow. ‘If he hurts him, I swear,’ he thought.

“Well, what is it?” Papyrus asked.

“I wanted to know….” Mettaton cleared his throat and looked down again. “If you…” He stopped and started shaking.

Papyrus was confused. “Mettaton, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Mettaton smiled. “I’m just…nervous.” He looked back up at Papyrus, “Have you noticed I’ve been out a lot?”

“Yes, but I figured you were just talking a walk,” Papyrus nodded.

“Well I was, but on the mainland. I was shopping…for this moment.” Mettaton pulled out a ring. It was a wedding band, pretty much, but he was using it as an engagement ring for Papyrus. It did have small diamonds on it, so it worked. “I wanted to ask you if you would….” He got choked up. “Marry me?”

Sans breathed a sigh of relief and his eyes stopped glowing. He grinned. Papyrus was probably going crazy at this moment. He expected to hear screaming.

But instead, Papyrus was calm. He took Mettaton’s hands and said “I would be honored to.” He kissed him.

G realized he had tears in his eyes. He was smiling. He was so happy for his brother. He fell asleep with the image of his shocked, but happy brother’s face in his mind.