Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen


The next day when smoothly. Melinda went home and seemed to be healing quickly. Alphys chalked that up to “former monster blood”, and had been checking up on her. G’s demeanor hadn’t really changed. He still had a darker personality now. One moment changed him, and Melinda wasn’t sure if Sans would come back through the surface again. He almost constantly had a cigarette in his hand, and insisted everyone call him “G” instead of Sans when they addressed him by name. Other people were worried, but Melinda knew why. She wasn’t sure if she would have reacted the same way, but she imagined it would be close. A lot of times, she opted to give him space. She wasn’t sure if that was really what he wanted, but she did it anyway. He hadn’t been hostile or rude to her at all, in fact, he was still the same as he had been before, but more…edgy. She actually liked the change, but she wasn’t sure if everyone else did. People seemed to be unsure of how to act around him now.

They laid in bed, as Melinda was still resting from the fight. She was trying to pull G out of this funk he was in. Talking wasn’t doing the trick, joking wasn’t either. She sighed and looked down. She was laying on her back, which she hated, and G was propped up next to her, cigarette in his hand, hood over his head, looking down at her. He was so incredibly gorgeous. Just as she had seen him in the comics she had read. It was so silly, seeing him here, with her, even if he was glum.

“I know what will cheer you up,” Melinda smiled at him.

G looked at her, and a small grin crept up on his face. “Looking at you? Cuz it’s workin’ already,” he winked.

Melinda blushed a little. “I was actually going to say, maybe going out for a walk or something, on the beach, like we used to.”

G’s eyes widened and he puffed again on his cigarette. “No.”

“No?” Melinda repeated.

“Not in the condition you’re in.”

“You act like I’m going to die if I get up from this bed!”


They both fell silent. Melinda looked at G, surprised. It was the first time he had snapped at her since this happened. G looked just as surprised, and he didn’t know what to say. He closed his eyes and sat up on the bed, looking out the window and puffing on the cigarette.

“G,” Melinda started.

“I’m sorry.” G muttered. “I shouldn’t have said that. It’s just…you’re always so tough and strong, sometimes you lose sight of reality.”

“No, G, I haven’t lost sight of the reality of the situation. I am just remaining positive.” Melinda sat up next to him. “I’m healing faster now than I would have without the blood transfusions. Honestly, I don’t think I could have made it out so fast if it weren’t for that.”

G sighed and looked away. “It could have been prevented. If I had just –“

“Shh,” Melinda put her hand on his face. He turned to look at her again. “Stop. It’s over, I’m out, and I’m better. I’m alright!” She lifted her shirt. The bandages were still white and not soaked in blood. “It’s healing, and it doesn’t even hurt at all!” They locked eyes for a moment, and she saw a smile creep across his lips. “There you go,” she smiled back. “I like it when you –“

He leaned in and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back *…* “I’m so sorry for what happened.” He grinned a little and looked at her body. “And uh…sorry this couldn’t wait. Heh.”

Melinda laughed. “Mmm, I didn’t mind. If I had, I would have said something. Really, I’m fine. Don’t beat yourself up.” She touched his face. “From now on, we don’t beat ourselves up. It’s our job to beat up the bad guys,” she giggled.

G smiled lovingly. “Heh, yeah, it is. Welcome to the guard, my love.”

Melinda smiled. “And you too.”

They kissed again, then laid in the bed. They pulled the covers up and fell asleep, cuddled in each other’s arms.

After a couple weeks, Melinda was completely healed. She had been healed for a while, but Alphys, Gaster and G wouldn’t allow her to do much, in fear that she could hurt herself again. Now, she was good as new, and she was ready for whatever came next.

It was training day. The first of many to come. She had agreed to meet Undyne on the other side of the island, so as not to disturb anyone. And Undyne wanted it to be private. Melinda came in, nervous, but ready. Undyne smiled at her.

“I know what I was like in the underground,” she said. “But I promise, this won’t be like that. I want to teach you, not hurt you.”

Melinda nodded. “I understand.”

“Good,” Undyne said. “Whew! I just wanted to get that off my chest so you wouldn’t flinch, or think that I was going to harm you in any way. Not only are you my friend, and the reason we are all reunited and happy, but G would also kill me if he knew I hurt you.”

Melinda laughed. “Yeah, he probably would. But don’t worry, even if I do get a little hurt, I won’t let him hurt you.”

Undyne smiled and tossed Melinda a spear. “First things first, do you know how to summon objects using your soul?”

“A little,” Melinda said. “I can summon shields, but I haven’t tried much else.”

Undyne pointed to the ground. “Alright, put the spear down, and focus on it, try to tap into your soul, the same way you would with a shield, but make this. Make a spear, if you can.”

Melinda did as she was told, and she focused. In front of her, a green line appeared, but it wasn’t tangible and didn’t have a spearhead. She kept trying. Finally, it came to a small point, and it was becoming more tangible.

“Wow!” Undyne stepped back. “I didn’t expect you to do that on the first try.” She laughed a little. “You’re kind of a natural at this, huh?”

“Not really, I just want to be able to protect everyone.” Melinda smiled. She grabbed her spear. “Well, it’s tangible. That’s something.” She blushed in embarrassment.

Undyne laughed again. “Hey, don’t worry about it! Practice makes perfect.”

G stood off to the side, watching from behind a tree. He smiled as Melinda kept trying to form a powerful spear. After about 15 minutes she finally got one. She was excited and moved it back and forth.

“It’s heavy!” Melinda laughed.

“That’s good! You did a great job!” Undyne applauded her.

“Thanks.” Melinda smiled and gave Undyne her spear back.

“Now, you’ll have to keep practicing that to make sure it stays strong. After this, keep that, and hold onto it so you can focus on it to make more. You can make them disappear once you feel you are ready to make one on your own.” She smiled. “So, are you ready for part two?”

Melinda nodded. “I think so, if I knew what part two consisted of,” she giggled.

Undyne smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy, but here,” she tossed Melinda a stick. “Use this and fight me.”

“F-fight you?” Melinda started to put the stick down. “But I don’t want to hurt you. Or…you to hurt me.”

Undyne was still smiling. “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”

They did a mock-sword fight with the sticks, and after trying over and over again, Melinda finally pinned Undyne to the ground, pointing the stick at her chest.

“The victory stance! Yes!” Undyne got up and brushed the sand off of her. “Great job!” She looked up at the sun. “It’s about noon. Let’s call it quits for now and come back in the evening. Keep practicing your soul magic. Also, you can make more than just spears. You can make whatever you think will help. Swords, knives, shields, but you already have that one down, even G’s scythe!” She laughed. “But that would be a bit harder, I think.”

Melinda laughed and nodded. “Yeah, it would.”

G teleported back to the house and sat on the futon. Melinda teleported soon after, spear and shield in her hands.

“Well, well, look at you,” G smiled. Melinda put the weapons down and sat with G, cuddling with him. “How did it go?”

“Great! I think we still have a long way to go, but I’m getting it.” Melinda rested her head on his chest and yawned. “But I’m tired. Don’t know why, really.”

“Undyne gives quite the workout,” G laughed. “Maybe next time, I’ll go out there with ya and help you.”

“Alright, I would love that.” Melinda closed her eyes. “Or maybe you could teach me later. I would like to get two people teaching me, but alone with both, so I can learn each technique.”

“Good idea,” G agreed. He kissed her forehead and she fell asleep on him for a while.

After a couple hours, Melinda woke up to G kissing her. He was crouched down in front of the futon and at face level. His gold eyes sparkled as he smiled at her.

“How did you sleep?” He asked.

Melinda sat up and looked around, groggy. “Like a rock apparently. What time is it?”

“It’s about 3:00,” G said.

“Oh wow. Yeah, I was out then heh.” She looked up at him as he stood up.

“Yeah, and Undyne said she’s done for the day. But we have a problem. Well, not a serious problem, but a problem.” G got serious. That shade went over his eyes again.

“What is it?” Melinda asked.

“That demon child. She’s still here.” G looked away. “And I feel she needs to be watched, just to be safe. I don’t care if I need to stay up all night. I will do it.”

“Sans –“

“No!” G slammed his hand down, silencing her. “I will not let her get away with what she did to you.”

Melinda touched his hand and he looked at her. She pointed to her mouth.

“Oh dammit. I’m sorry. I did it again.” He brought his hand back up.

“Sans, if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t be training for this, and honestly, I’m happy and excited about it. So please, for now, just leave it alone.” She stood up and faced him.

He looked at her, with a straight face. “I’m not happy about this. The guard should have assembled when we all got here! This could have been prevented.”

“There was no way of knowing, and Sans, I’m fine. I keep telling you this. You’re the one who was changed by this. And don’t worry, I understand why. I just want you to calm down and stop being so uptight and on guard.” Melinda looked away. “Sans, you are different.”

“Because,” he said through gritted teeth. “I’m not Sans. I am G, a combination of Gaster and Sans. I blend of carefree and ambitious. And I’m using this as an opportunity to do the right thing.”

Melinda scowled at him. “Is it really the “right” thing, though? Or is it just you wanting to get revenge for what happened to me?” She had a fierceness in her voice he had never heard before. Was she…fighting with him?

G turned away and looked out the window, his arms behind him. Thoughtful. Melinda smiled a little. He looked like Gaster when he did that. “I will not allow this island to fall into shambles!”

“It won’t, G!” Melinda snapped. “If the Dreemurrs were having a problem, they would have come to us. Asgore knows. That’s why he decided to assemble a guard to begin with. He knows Chara’s dangers. Why won’t you see that??

“Because Asgore will do nothing. He will try to fight with love, saying that he knows the person inside wouldn’t do this or act like this, and he’s WRONG!” G snarled.

“Maybe Chara needs more people to fight with love, and not be so hostile toward her! Don’t you see? You’re playing right into her hands. You are dancing her dance. Playing by her rules. And you have no idea.” Melinda looked away and laughed. “Gaster was right, y’know. You let your emotions cloud your –“

G turned around and got in her face. “I do NOT let my emotions get in the way of things!” He threw his hands up. “You’re telling me that you would go in emotionless and not be phased if roles had been reversed? If it had been me that was slashed?”

“I would have,” Melinda looked down. “But only then! Once everything blows over, you clear your mind and try to think of what would be best for your own wellbeing as well as what is good for our community. What you’re doing is sadistic and tactless.”

“What’s good for my ‘wellbeing’ is Chara being dead.” G said quietly.

“I’m starting to think your solution to everything is to kill it before it kills you!” Melinda shouted. “Kill or be killed? That was Flowey’s outlook on the underground. He was sadistic and wanted to kill everything. He had a twisted sense of reality. You know why? Because he was soulless. He was soulless Asriel. That kind child of the Dreemurr’s? Asriel? Yeah, that boy, without a soul.

“Are you implying that I am also soulless?” G asked in a growling tone.

“Well, G, you aren’t proving otherwise right now! I know you aren’t soulless. You can feel love, you have a warmth about you that everyone loves…but that warmth…you only show it to me now. No one else. And people are starting to wonder who you actually are, G” Her eyes filled with tears. “I’m the only one who truly knows you now.” She walked away.

G was speechless. “Hey! Wait! Come back!”

Melinda walked out and over to Undyne’s house. She knocked on the door, that same shade over her green eyes that G had over his gold ones.

Undyne came to the door. “Oh, hey Melinda! How are –“ She stopped when she saw Melinda’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you up for more training?” Melinda asked quietly.

“Well I was in for the night, but I’m up for talking! How about a girl’s beach night?” She laughed.

Melinda smiled, half-heartedly. “Sounds great. I’ll wait for you by the water.”

Undyne nodded. “Alright.”

Melinda walked away and sat on the beach, in a small corner she never went to, covered in shadows, where no one could see her.

Undyne came out, and Melinda called her over. She poured everything out, and they got talking.

G sat on the futon, his head in his hands, staring at the floor. What had he just done? He just shook his head. “I have successfully pushed away even the one person I love the most,” he said as a tear fell. He glared angrily at the floor, and looked up at the TV, seeing his reflection. She was right. He was unrecognizable. Had he really become soulless, if only figuratively? More tears fell. He wiped them away, angry that he would cry over such a stupid thing.

Papyrus came into the house. “G? Are you alright?”

G looked up. “No. But I’ll be fine.”

Papyrus sat down next to him. “I heard there is a guard here now.”


“And you’re in it?”


“Oh! Congrats brother! Um, I had a memory of my time in the underground. I had a goal to be in the royal guard there, but never had a chance to, I guess?” Papyrus looked at him. “Do you think I could –“

“Ask Undyne,” G said. He got up and walked into his room. “I need sleep, bro, sorry.”

“Alright, good night brother!” Papyrus waved.

“Heh, night.”

He shut the door. He felt bad lying to his brother, but he just wanted to be alone. He laid on the bed and sighed, staring at the ceiling. He pulled out a cigarette and started smoking it. Each moment Melinda was gone, he got a little more worried. He didn’t want to go out and look for her and risk being seen as the clingy type. He felt he needed to give Melinda space. She needed it right now. He closed his eyes and hoped when he opened them, she would be there with him.

Melinda sighed, after explaining the fight. She started crying. “I don’t know what to do! It’s the first time we have had an actual fight, and…..I’m afraid to go back there. I’m afraid we will start yelling at each other again.”

Undyne put her arm around Melinda and hugged her. “Listen, G is tough. He will get past this just fine.”

“I called him SOULLESS, Undyne!” Melinda sobbed. “He probably wants nothing to do with me right now.”

“Shhh,” Undyne comforted her. “Listen, go back there, kiss him and tell him how much you love him. I’d be willing to bet money he will forget all about it.”

Melinda laughed a little. “Alright. Thanks, Undyne.” She hugged her. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Of course!” Undyne stood up and helped Melinda up. “See ya, punk.”

Melinda winked and nodded. “See ya.”

They went back to their houses. As Melinda was walking in, Papyrus was walking out.

“Oh, h-hey, Pap,” Melinda smiled. Her face was red and stained with tears.

Papyrus stopped. “Are you alright? Are you hurt again?”

“No, no, Pappy, I’m fine.” She smiled. “Just, had an emotional moment with Undyne. Was talking to her about some things.”

“OH!! I’m looking for her! Is she back home now?” Papyrus asked excitedly.

“Yes.” Melinda nodded.

“YES!” Papyrus smiled and ran off.

Melinda reached for the doorknob, but then stopped. She didn’t know what to do. She stopped, leaned against the side of the house and looked up at the stars. It was such a beautiful night out. She didn’t even realize that the afternoon had gone that quickly. It was still sunset though. The perfect moment as the sun had gone down, but colors still streaked the sky, and the stars were starting to twinkle. The perfect time to lay out on the beach and relax. She smiled, but then remembered the moment she was in. She turned toward the door again and went in. No one was there. Papyrus had left, but Mettaton wasn’t there either. Strange. G was nowhere to be seen either.

Melinda decided to go into her room and just lay down. She needed to be well rested for her training the next day, and she wasn’t really feeling like staying up waiting for G. He had probably taken a walk. She hoped he hadn’t left. She opened the door and saw G on the bed, puffing on his smoke with his eyes closed. She smiled a little, even though she was shaky and nervous, and she stepped in.

G heard her and sat up. “Oh, hey!” He smiled a little.

“Wait, don’t speak.” Melinda said, holding her finger up. “There’s something I want to say too,” she said.

“I want to say something as well,” G nodded.

“You first,” they both said. Then they laughed. They stopped and again at the same time said, “I’m sorry.”

Wide eyed, Melinda sat down and looked at G, who was just as shocked as she was. To save the awkwardness, she joked. “Heh…uh jinx times 2?”

G laughed. He laughed harder than he normally would have at that joke. Melinda started to laugh a little too. Before she could say anything else, G had put out his smoke, pinned her down and was looking into her eyes. He was smiling, like, genuinely smiling. “We can talk about this tomorrow, but for now,” he leaned in and kissed her. She grabbed him and pulled him closer to her and kissed him back. They broke the kiss, and he continued. “I just want to be with you.” He grinned and pulled her back onto the bed with him. They cuddled up and fell asleep in each other’s arms.