Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

Coming Home, Making a Home

It had been about 4 months since Melinda’s hospital visit. The lab was usually empty. Very few people got hurt on the island, and even when they did, they were healed easily. Frisk and Asriel went to the lab more than everyone else, but usually just for scrapes and minor cuts from playing. G was helping Gaster and Alphys put together a power system for the islands, and all of the men had started building more buildings, like a hotel for guests, and some small shops so they could start making money there. Money wasn’t going to last forever after all, and they wanted to be a self-stable community, for them especially, but also to impress others who may stumble across the island. So far, no other confused people came, and as more time passed, they all figured they wouldn’t see any more people. Most people by now had shaken off the memory loss and started making the best of their new life. The people of the islands had started putting posters up on the mainland to see if they could find others, but every time they went back, the posters were ripped down. Someone didn’t want others to find the islands. They still continued to put the posters up, anyway. Someone was bound to see one of them and say or do something. But they were happy. Everything was going smoothly.

G walked into the house after a day of working at lab. Melinda greeted him with her usual beaming smile, sparkling green eyes and “welcome back” kiss. But today was different. G had a plan. He had been on the island with her for a long time. He lost track, but he knew it had been months, and despite his best efforts to try to wait it out, he couldn’t anymore.

“Hey, are ya busy?” He asked.

“No, not really, why?” Melinda asked, concerned.

“Well, I was wondering if you want to go out to mainland with me, just you and I.” G was blushing yellow a little.

Melinda looked at him with her head tilted. “G, what’s going on?”

“Oh, no, nothing…” G smiled. “Nothing bad. I just want to take you out for dinner, you know? There’s so much going on here, I’m sure you miss your alone time, and I know I want to be alone with you.”

Melinda blushed a little too. “Aww, you’re so sweet!” She walked up to their bedroom door. “Let me get into something a bit more formal, and we can go wherever you want.”

“You don’t have to go formal if you don’t want to.” G was nervous.

“I know I don’t, but I want to! Have to look my best for a date!” Melinda winked and disappeared into the room.

G sat down on the futon, trying to hold his composure. He was nervous, and he knew it was showing. He took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down.

Melinda came back a few minutes later wearing a black dress, about knee length, and her hair was up in a nice black clip. “How do I look?”

G’s jaw could have hit the floor. “Beautiful…” he managed to get out.

Melinda walked up to him and kissed him. “Are you alright? You seem on alert about something.”

G smiled and held onto her in a hug. “It’s just…been awhile since we have had an official ‘date’.” He laughed. “Call me silly, but I’m just a little nervous about it.”

Melinda laughed too. “It’s alright. We can go, help ease your nerves.” She looked up at him. “Ready?”

G nodded. “Ready.”

Melinda snapped her fingers and they were on the mainland beach. She had been practicing control of the Sanses’ powers she had, as well as the power from her own soul. She had mastered Classic’s teleportation. G was impressed.

“You never cease to amaze me, dollface,” he smiled.

“Hehe, I’ve been practicing while you and Gaster are in the lab.” Melinda said proudly. “I’ve noticed Alphys has been staying above ground with Undyne though. Is she alright?”

G nodded. “Yeah, she’s fine. She just likes to leave the science stuff to Gaster, as he’s more experienced than she is. She helps out when she’s bored or if we need her.”

“Oh, alright. So….where are we headed?” Melinda looked at G, smiling.

G grabbed her hand. “This way.” He led her to a nice tiki hut restaurant on the beach. “We can see the sunset from here, and we aren’t around a lot of people.”

Melinda smiled as they sat down. “How romantic.” She giggled a little.

G glanced around. “Heh, yeah.”

“You’re so cute when you’re nervous,” Melinda laughed. “So, spill it. What’s going on?”

G sighed and looked down. “Well this isn’t how I imagined it at all.” He laughed a little, nervously. “But I wanted to ask you something.”

Melinda already knew where this was going. Her eyes went wide. “S-Sans….are you….?”

G gritted his teeth. “I’m trying to.”

“Sorry,” Melinda frowned.

“No, no, love, it’s not you. I am just really nervous.” G responded shakily. “But, since you already…uhh…know….I suppose….” He got up.

Melinda looked around as her face turned bright red. G stood in front of her. She could tell he wanted to go the “traditional” route and get down on one knee, but they both knew they were anything but traditional. He looked at her. She stood up with him, grabbed him and kissed him. “You don’t need to do that. I already know your question, and you already know my answer. Yes, G Sans, I will marry you.”

G hugged her tight and kissed her. They both started to cry. They kissed for a while, and finally, Melinda broke the kiss.

“Okay, I need air,” she laughed.

G laughed too, tears still streaming down his face. He pulled out the box, opened it and put the ring on her finger. Melinda looked at it, and her tears started flowing again.

“It’s beautiful.” She smiled up at him. He was still standing, while she had sat back down. He did get down to one knee, but he was resting on the stool’s rise to be at her level.

“Just like you,” he said, with a slight break in his voice. They both laughed a little, then G pulled her in for another kiss. “I wanted to get only the best.”

“Thank you,” Melinda whispered. She cleared her throat a little and said slightly above a whisper, “I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone other than you.” She wiped the tears from his face, and he closed his eyes and smiled. He opened them again and wiped her tears too.

“So, let’s uhh, order? Heh. I mean, I did want to take you out, but my nervousness got in the way of that. I’m s-“

Melinda waved her hand, and G stopped. “Don’t say you’re sorry.” She looked at him and laughed, then paused and frowned. “OH! I’m sorry. I forgot I had that power.” She put her hand down and G laughed.

“It’s alright. It takes some getting used to.” He smiled. He sat across from her again, wiping the rest of the tears away. “I knew you would cry. I didn’t expect to cry as well,” he laughed.

Melinda smiled. “Well I like a man who isn’t afraid to show emotion.”

G smiled a little and picked up the menu. “I sorta forgot we are at a restaurant, heh.”

Melinda giggled. “Aww, you’re adorable, Sansy.”

G blushed a little, and saw Melinda looking down at the ring he gave her. She was blushing too.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she said, without looking up. “I mean, am I dreaming again?”

G grinned. “Well,” he said, “one could say it’s a dream come true, hmm?”

Melinda blushed more. “Heh, yeah.”

They ordered and talked for a few hours. At about 9pm, Melinda looked at her watch, wide eyed. “The others will be worried about us.” She paid the bill and stood up.

G followed, but grabbed her hand. “Not yet.”

“Huh?” Melinda looked at him. He started walking, leading her to a darker area of the beach. It was empty now. Everyone had gone home or back to their hotels. They walked down a ways, so now the lights of the city were just a faint glow.

G stopped and turned to face her. He took both of her hands and looked into her eyes. Melinda suddenly felt a little nervous. “W-what?” She asked.

G smiled. “Nothing. I just wanted to come out here to be alone with you.” He pulled her closer. “We have been so lost in attraction for each other, I wanted to show you what I feel is really important.” He kissed her softly, and she kissed him back. He could feel a smile come across her lips. He stopped and looked at her. “What?” He laughed a little.

“It’s just…this…this is more than I could ever imagine. I love it. And…I…” She stopped as tears filled her eyes. “I love you.”

G smiled. “Hey now, no crying, or I might be joining ya, heh.” He hugged her and she sobbed into his shoulder. “Are you…upset?”

“No!” Melinda sobbed. “I’m happy. I’m happier than I think I’ve ever been. Not only do I owe my life to you, physically, but I owe my wellbeing and health to you. I really owe my entire life to you. You’ve saved me, time and time again. I can’t think of any way to repay you.”

G silenced her with a kiss. “You don’t owe me anything. But, I think you’re ‘paying it off’ by marrying me, huh?”

Melinda laughed and wiped her tears away. More started to fall. “G….of course, but I want to do so much more for you, with you.”

G looked around. “Dance with me?”

“Huh?” Melinda looked up at him.

G laughed. “Dance with me, dollface.”

“I-I can’t dance,” Melinda laughed hesitantly. “And anyway, even if I could, I can’t see your eyes, and I want to look into them as we dance.” She smiled sweetly. Her green eyes started to glow a little.

G did the same and his golden eyes glowed slightly. She could see his eyelids were tiredly resting on the iris of his eyes as he looked down at her. He took her hands again. “Better?”

Melinda smiled nervously. “Y-yeah. But I still can’t dance.”

G twirled her. “Sure you can. Just follow my lead.”

They danced together, on the beach, with no music, for what seemed like forever, yet, felt like only ten minutes when they decided to stop and go home. Laughing back to the city lights, they reminisced about the past and how they met. They got to the main beach, and G snapped his fingers. They were back on the island. Somehow, they ended up in the water.

“Whoops!” G laughed. He playfully splashed Melinda, who was still in shock from being in the cold water. She laughed with him and splashed him back.

“Hey!” Melinda laughed. “No fair! I was still getting used to the water.”

G grabbed her and pulled her close. “No one ever said I play fair,” he said, in a low voice, grinning. Melinda felt weak when he spoke like that. He knew that too. He kissed her. He wasn’t as gentle this time and she knew where this was headed.

Melinda giggled and pushed him away. “Sans! Not right now silly.”

G kissed her again. “Why not?”

Melinda looked down at her soaked clothes. “Well, we aren’t exactly in proper attire.”

G grinned. “Does it matter?”

Melinda held her finger up to his lips. “Shh, just later.”

G gently bit the tip of her finger. She gasped, but not in pain. It caught her by surprise.

“You naughty, naughty boy,” she laughed.

G picked her up and carried her out of the water. They got to the beach and he set her down. He took her hand and they walked back to the house. They went in and immediately went into the room to change their clothes.

Melinda changed into a two piece G had never seen before. It was green, like her eyes. He stood in shock, looking at her.

“What?” She asked, looking down at herself. “It’s just a swimsuit.”

“A new one,” G admired.


They went back out to the water and swam around for a while.

Melinda stopped in front of G and started treading water. She giggled and splashed him.

“H-Hey!” G laughed. He grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head. He held them with one hand and trailed his other hand down her side.