Chapter 1

Chapter 1

**This is an Undertale and AU fanfic. The original contains some lemon scenes. In this version, the lemon scenes will be replaced with *…* so a broader audience can enjoy it. This also contains some spoilers from the game Undertale. If you haven’t played it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Oh, and you should probably avoid this until you do J**

All AU credit goes to their creators, and UT credit to the AMAZING TOBY FOX!!!

The Private Island

An Undertale/AU fanfic by LightningSFM


The Meeting

Melinda sighed, laying on the beach, staring at the midnight sky. The moon shimmered on the water, the large rock just off shore, and off of her skin. She closed her eyes. Night time on her island was so peaceful. There was a light sound of the water lapping on the large rock in the distance, and gently surrounding her legs when the tide came in. Smiling, Melinda splashed some of the water onto herself. The stillness of the evening air was cool, but still a bit humid from the daytime. She didn’t mind. It was her little slice of paradise, and nothing could ever make it better than this.

Melinda decided to get up and swim in the water a little bit. She was getting sleepy, and she figured this would tire her out enough to sleep soundly for the night. She tip toed into the water, shivering a little because the water was cooler than she thought it would be. Then she just ducked her whole body into the water. Being a wimp about the colder water wasn’t going to get her to swim, now was it?

She floated on the water, staring at the stars and admiring the atmosphere. Everything was quiet and peaceful. In the distance there was a faint motor from a boat. Melinda thought nothing of it, as she would hear noises like that from time to time. She wasn’t on an isolated island. She was just off the shore of the mainland and surrounded by similar islands. Sometimes people needed a getaway, or they would get lost and stop at an island for the night. She had even had a few visitors herself, so it wasn’t too uncommon. She had a spare room in her house for anyone who may stumble on her island in the dark. The problem right now was, that room was under renovation. She had painted the walls a new color, and the paint was still wet, not to mention the chemical smell in the room. It wasn’t fit for people to sleep in for a few days.

As Melinda was lost in thought, she realized the sound of the motor was getting louder. ‘Hmm,’ she thought. ‘Looks like I may have company sooner than I expected.’

She got out of the water just in time to see the boat pull up with one man in it. He got out and tied it off at the post on the shore, a ways off from where Melinda had been swimming. Melinda grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her, and threw her hair up into a messy ponytail. She walked over to the man.

When he looked up, she was there. He jumped back a bit. “Jeez, you startled me!” He gave her a warm smile. “I didn’t expect anyone to be here.”

Melinda shrugged and laughed a little. “Yeah, I get that a lot. It looks pretty empty here, so people think it’s a nice getaway. Spoiler alert, it’s a GREAT getaway!”

The man laughed. “Heh, yeah! It looks it.” He looked around. Beautiful shore, perfectly placed palm tree woods, seaweed strategically placed in the sand… It was like someone had set the scene for a movie. True paradise. He noticed a faint light coming from within the wooded area, and then a little hang out area with a hammock, small table that looked like it could double as a cooler, and a….futon mattress?

“Like what you see?” Melinda broke him away from his thoughts.

“Huh? Yeah, sorry. Heh. I was just checkin’ the place out.”

“Do you approve?”

He looked at her, not knowing what to say. Then he stopped. “Oh, about the island? Uh, yeah! It’s great! But, I have to ask, is that a futon mattress?” He pointed to where he saw it lying on the ground.

Melinda followed his gaze. “Oh, yeah, it went to the futon in my house. I got a thicker mattress for it, so I started using this one for sun-bathing on the rock out in the water.”

The man nodded, “ah, makes sense.”

“Yeah, so….you aren’t running the other way yet.” Melinda laughed. “Need a place to stay for the night?”

‘For the night.’ Those words echoed in his mind, and she looked at the ground, shrugging. “For the night….for life….yeah…something like that.”

Melinda was confused. “Bad breakup?” She asked.

The man shook his head. “No. I just….don’t have any memory of anything past 3 days ago.”

Melinda looked at him, perplexed. “Did you get hurt or something? Do you need to go to a hospital?”

He shook his head again. “No, I’m fine….I just don’t know how I got here or really anything about myself.” He gave a small chuckle. “Heh…at least I know my name.”

Melinda smiled. “Well, what is it? I’m Melinda.”

The man met her eyes now, not sidetracked by the scenery. “The name’s Sans. Sans the….wait…what?” He stopped himself. Why was he about to tell her he was a skeleton???

Melinda’s eyes grew wide and her face pale. “S-sans?? That’s a fairly…odd name, no?”

Sans shrugged. “It’s all I know right now.”

Melinda recalled a game she had played called “Undertale”, where Sans was one of the main characters. He was a short skeleton who was lazy, but incredibly powerful when he needed to be. He wasn’t a force to be reckoned with. But….this man was HUMAN, and Undertale was a fictional game, right?? She shook her head to get herself back to reality. “Well, we should get you comfy so you can at least catch some sleep. We can work out the details tomorrow.”

Sans knew she was thinking about something, but wasn’t about to press someone he just met for answers, so he nodded. “Sure, thanks for doing this.”

Melinda turned, but allowed Sans ahead of her. She studied his clothes. White tee shirt, black sport shorts with a white stripe on the side of each leg, and slip on white sneakers. He had a blue zip-up hoodie which he was in the process of taking off and tying around his waist. When she looked at him, he had lines on his face like he smiled a lot. And his eyes….they were a beautiful blue. A blue she had never seen on someone. Almost cyan? Everything pointed back to Sans the Skeleton, but HOW? That isn’t even possible! Fictional game characters coming to life in human form and randomly finding you? She HAD to be dreaming.

“Am I going the right way?” Sans snapped Melinda out of her reverie.

“Uh, yeah, just follow the lights. My house is right up here.”

Sans slowed a bit, allowing Melinda to walk alongside him. “So, you just live in isolation out here?”

Melinda giggled. “Isolation? You make it sound so terrible. I live alone in PARADISE! A place some people only dream of. I’ve made it my home. If other people were to come here, I would welcome them. I wouldn’t push people away.” She pointed her finger in a mock motivational speech way. “THAT’S isolation.” She laughed. “But here…it’s so peaceful, and beautiful. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Sans smiled warmly. Melinda felt her face get hot. ‘Oh my God, really? Blushing at his smile? Thank God it’s dark out’ she thought.

Then, as speaking too soon, they crept up to her house. Melinda stayed in the shadows for a few seconds as Sans walked up to the door, thinking she was still beside him. She needed to hide her flushed cheeks.

“Coming?” He asked.

“Y-yeah. I’m here.” She opened the door and let him in.

He looked around, amazed. “Wow, this place is beautiful.” It was a one floor home with slightly tinted glass, a cozy living room, small hallway leading to a linen closet and bathroom, and to the left of the door was Melinda’s room, a blue hue room with a skylight, and a few shelves around for knick knacks, along with her bed and dresser. To the right of the living room was the second room. The room that was closed off.

“Oh, yeah…that room. That’s my guest room, but I just repainted it, so it stinks. You’ll have to sleep on the futon tonight. I’m sorry.” Melinda said.

Sans shrugged, but smiled. “It’s no problem. It’s better than what I have been doing.”

“And that is?”

“Sleeping in that boat, hoping i don’t get rained on….or get in trouble in any way. I’ve noticed there are a lot of signs around these lands that say ‘no standing’. I don’t know what happens if I do. I’m usually too tired to care.”

“Ah, well don’t worry. You won’t get in trouble here,” Melinda said, ‘unless you WANT that kind of trouble~’ she thought, but kept it to herself. It was the first time she had actually been attracted to someone who appeared at her island. It was also the first time she didn’t think it would be temporary. If this was indeed Sans, the Sans from the game, she knew they would become great friends. She stopped daydreaming and continued. “Anyway, if you want to go get your stuff and bring it in, you can. I can help if you –”

“I don’t have anything.”


“U-uh…alright then. Well, I have a washer and dryer here, so if you want to shower or something I can wash your clothes.” Melinda started to sweat. “That is, if you don’t mind sitting around in a towel for a little while. I can help you get more stuff on the main land tomorrow, if you want.”

“Sure,” Sans agreed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be cold there. I’m still just confused as to where I came from or who I even am.” He lowered his head in apology. “Do you mind if I go shower now?”

Melinda was praying her blush and sweat drops weren’t visible. “Y-yeah, just u-uh, drop your clothes outside the bathroom door and I’ll get them started for you.” She gritted her teeth. “And uh, it’s fine. I just thought i had made you upset.”

“No.” Sans said, smiling at her again. “You have been nothing but kind to me since I got here. You didn’t have to be. I couldn’t be mad at you after all of the kindness you have given me.”

Melinda nodded, awkwardly. “Y-yeah…it’s nice to have another person here.” She mentally facepalmed. That was a stupid thing to say.

Sans untied the hoodie from his waist and laughed at a little. “Well, it’s not good to be lonely. And I’ll stay here as long as you need company. I have nowhere else to go anyhow.”

“H-heh…right…well I’ll let you go…do what….you need….to…do.” Melinda struggled to get the words out.

Sans gave her a look. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine” Melinda smiled. “Socially awkward maybe?”

Sans laughed and started to take off his shirt. “Well, I’m going to go get clean. Thank you so much for your help.” He looked back at her and her face was bright red. “Oh,” he said. “Something is really bothering you.”

“I need to lie down” Melinda said, lying. “I’ll wash those clothes for you, then go to bed.”

Sans took this as a “hurry the hell up”, so he did. Melinda facepalmed again. ‘Great, freak out the new guy’ she thought. She never acted this way around people she had an interest in. What was wrong with her? What made Sans different?

She heard the water start running, so she went to the bathroom door and picked up his clothes. She threw them into the washer and ran it. Then she went into her room and closed the door. She changed out of her bathing suit and into a tee shirt and underwear – her normal sleep-wear. She hated pajamas. She looked at the bathing suit on the floor. She decided to throw it in with Sans’ clothes so it would be clean for the following day. She had more than one, but that one was her favorite. It was a plain black one piece with cutout sides. She ran out of her room with it and her towel and quickly threw them into the wash before Sans got out of the bathroom….

Except, she didn’t get away in time. The door opened, and Sans was there, with a towel around his waist. Melinda’s eyes went wide, realizing she was standing there in underwear and a tee. She froze in place. Sans did too, thinking she was frozen because of him.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you would be there.” he said.

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s not you…it’s just…well, I’m not used to company…” she pointed to what she was wearing, “in case you couldn’t tell. I…I can change into something more appropriate if you’d like?”

Sans laughed. “Uhhh, you’re clothed. I’m the one standing here in a towel.”

Melinda realized he was right. “Ha….yeah…sorry. Anyway, um, go get comfy. I’ll switch this over in a few minutes, but I might have something you can wear for now. Can I get you anything to drink while I look?”

Sans smiled, “No, thank you. I’m alright for now”

Melinda nodded and quickly ducked away to get to her room. Panting, she shut the door. “He knows” she whispered. “He will leave faster than he came in. What is wrong with me?” She sighed. ‘Keep it together,’ she thought. ‘Let’s find him something to wear for now.’

Sans sat on the futon, facing the TV, which was off. He started teasing his hair a bit, just trying to get it back in form. He had black hair, semi-long. Long enough to wear in messy spikes, but short enough where it wouldn’t need to be styled at all to look good. He smiled and stopped messing with it. He looked down and made sure the towel was covering the parts he needed covered. Melinda was going to come out soon, and he didn’t want her to be more frazzled than she already was.

Melinda emerged from her room. “Alright, I found an old baggie tee, which should fit you. It was made for a guy anyway” She laughed nervously. “And uhh….I hope these will be alright, but a friend of mine gave these to me years ago, and I’ve never worn them.” She held up another pair of mens sport shorts. They were gray with orange stripes, rather than black with white.

Sans grinned. “Thanks! I could use a change anyway.”

Melinda laughed and handed him the clothes, sitting on the futon with him. “Sorry I’ve been so awkward,” she looked at the floor. “I just…this is….I….UGH!”

Sans could see her frustration. He gently touched her chin, bringing it up to face him. “It’s the first time you’ve been attracted to a visitor?” He chuckled lightly.

Melinda blushed bright red. “Y-yeah.” She continued to look at him. She was mesmerized by his eyes. “But…there’s kinda more to it. You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but…” She turned her head away again and sighed. “There’s this game out there, and I’ve played it over and over. I just LOVE it. I won’t go into it, but one of the main characters is named…” she paused and looked at him, clearly nervous, “Sans. And he has a brother, Papyrus. And he wears the exact clothes you came here with.”

Sans raised an eyebrow. “You think I’m from a video game?”

Melinda looked down. “I know! It sounds crazy, I get it…but it’s way too similar. I can’t get it out of my head. In the game, Sans and Papyrus are skeletons.”

Skeletons. Sans was taken aback. When he introduced himself, he almost said “Sans the Skeleton”, but stopped himself. He decided to play it off as a joke. “Well, I am a skeleton. All humans are skeletons. Heh.”

Melinda laughed. “I know, but I mean an actual, walking, talking skeleton. You’re one of the main characters in the game.”

Sans thought a moment. “Wait, you said I had a brother?”

“Yes. Papyrus. He’s….well…he’s highly motivated and makes exceptionally large goals for himself. Not unreachable, but admirable.” Melinda looked at Sans again, who had a troubling look on his face.

“See that’s the weird thing. I have this nagging feeling that there’s someone I need to find. A brother. And his first initial that I can remember is….P.” He looked back at Melinda. “This makes no sense…but at the same time….it’s explains a lot. The memory loss, The person I’m looking for…it really does sound crazy, but at the same time it makes sense.”

Melinda nodded. “Yeah, that’s what I’m saying!”

Sans looked at her and smiled, and decided to change the subject. “Well, you’re looking a bit sleepy. I should let you go. I don’t mean to intrude anyway. I’ll go change and see you tomorrow?”

Melinda started to blush again. “Y-yeah…thanks. I’ll explain more about the game tomorrow. Maybe we can figure it all out together.”

Sans stood up with her. “Sure.” He reached out to give her a hug. Melinda cautiously stepped toward him to accept it. “Thank you,” he said quietly.

Melinda’s heart skipped a beat, and her face was so hot and red now. “Mhmm” she managed to squeak out.

Sans let her go from the hug, but held her shoulders. He kissed her cheek gently, then whispered in her ear, “and you aren’t the only one with that attraction.” He laughed a little and let her go. He saw her trying to cover her face now, as she started to turn away. “I already know you’re blushing” he laughed harder. “Look at me.”

Melinda turned to look at him again, peeking out from behind her arm. He was also blushing — blue? What? She managed a small laugh and said gently “Good night Sans. Sleep well.”

Sans nodded. “You too.”